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Corey Aughey, a 6-year-old boy, drowned in a pool during a holiday

Corey Aughey
Fox News

Corey Aughey is a 6-year-old boy who recently went on to have a proper family vacation and was enjoying life very much. The incident happened on March 2023 when he went on to take a coke and was wondering about the locality where he suddenly fell in the pool. As he did not know swimming, he couldn’t survive, and no one could save him, so he directly died drowning in the pool. The incident was very sad, and the family members were sad as they could not protect a 6-year-old boy. They were happy the mood for the vacation directly turned into sadness.

Corey Aughey death

Daily Mail

Death Details of Corey Aughey

Corey Aughey died on March 2023 while he was just six years old, and the exact reason for his death happened was drowning at the location in which event for a summer vacation with his family. The incident happened a few hours after he reached the Spanish territory for his vacation. In that situation, he went on to take a cook from the local store. While returning, he fell into the swimming pool and drowned inside it. A stranger tried to protect him with CPR, but it was not possible, and he was also taken to a local Island where there was a hospital, and there he was just said to be dead.

Corey Aughey death cause

Fox News

Cause of death of Corey Aughey

Corey Aughey died in March 2023 while he was six years old, and the exact reason for his death was drowning in the swimming pool. He was also taken to the hospital within a few hours of the incident. The hospital also showed that he was improving his condition within a few days, but suddenly on the third day, the hospital that he had died. The incident was very brutal, and there were no direct chances for him to survive, which might be the reason why the hospital could not protect the child. Death was a very sad thing for the family members to accept.

Corey Aughey parents

Daily Mail

Parents of Corey Aughey

Corey Aughey’s parents were with him on vacation, enjoying their vacation holiday in the Spanish territory, and were very happy with everything. Still, suddenly they got the news of a boy drowning, and as they went to the location, they saw their child drowning, which was a very sad thing that directly happened. The incident was very sad, and the parents blamed themselves for everything that happened because he went to take the cock alone. He should have been accompanied by someone older than him who could have protected him from such activity that occurred.


Fox News

Other Details of the demise

This was not a natural type of death. As it was an accident, the police officers also got involved. They stated the details of everything that happened at the accident and the direct reason for everything that occurred. The news has been viral worldwide, and it has been a very sad thing for everyone as such a young 6-year-old boy suddenly died in an accident which could have been avoided with the attention of the local people.

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