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What happened to Jeff Mwathi? Dj Fatxo React

What happened to Jeff Mwathi Dj Fatxo React
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The media has been shocked by the death of Jeff Mwathi a designer at DJ Fatxo’s. Many people are curious about the death of the boy. There is still an investigation going on by the police in this case. There will always be a place in the hearts of those who loved Jeff.

Jeff Mwathi’s cause of death

The death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi has shocked many people. It was February 23rd, 2023, when this incident occurred. The death has resulted in a rapid reaction from the media. Jeff’s death resulted from a suicide from the 10th floor of the building. It was the famous DJ Fatxo’s apartment where the incident took place.

The celebrity invited Jeff by offering him a project. One of the DJ’s cousins was also at the place. The celebrity has also been tangled in the case due to the death of the interior designer. The man died due to several injuries in his body, as it was spot-death when he fell from the floor.

The police investigation has also been helped by the autopsy report provided by the medical team. Nairobi County Police is also collaborating with a team of other detectives to identify anyone who may be involved in this case. The boy will be forever remembered by his mother and other friends.

Who was Jeff Mwathi?

Jeff Mwathi was a 23-year-old youngster. The boy tried to achieve some heights in the field of interior design. It was a great achievement to receive a call from the DJ for a project. Jeff was very happy, along with some of his friends.

It was his mother, to whom he was very attached. He used to tell his mother about everything that happened in his life. There are still many questions about his death, as he was happy about the project, but the reason for his suicide has not been found yet.


The young talent left the world at a very young age. Jeff’s mother and his friends are also looking for justice. However, the pain they are going through is unimaginable. The police is also searching for the real reason for this fatal incident.

Friends and many other city residents have used social media platforms to provide their condolences to his family. Jeff was a very dedicated professional and will be missed by many people. She will always remember the great memories he has left for his mother.

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