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Joe Sturdivant Murder, Details of the murder, and Where is Joyce Sturdivant Now?

Joe Sturdivant

Joe Sturdivant was a 68-year-old man living in Texas, and according to the information provided by the authorities, it was a possible homicide case at a local residence in October 2008 where the first responders of the police department stated the actor the location was very difficult to describe. The investigation discovered deadly women where granny gets a gun this season. The investigation of this particular murder was supposed to be done where a 68-year-old man from Texas died in an unknown manner, and his death became very difficult to describe directly.

Who is Joe Sturdivant


Who is Joe Sturdivant?

Joe Sturdivant was a very good and generous 68-year-old person who was very efficient and kind at work. He was also very happy after his marriage and lived a very happy life with his family. He died in an expected tragedy on the 8th of October 2008, and the Texas full department started investigating the matter. The authorities also found a lot of black stains, and the initial investigation into the matter became very difficult for the police as no leads had been found. The Detective went on to provide many details through their investigation and also wanted to gain proper information regarding the suspects.

Death Joe Sturdivant


Death Details of Joe Sturdivant

Joe Sturdivant died on the 8th of October 2008 while he was 68 and living a happy and generous life. Still, his sudden death occurred, and it was very difficult for the other family members to accept it. The local police officers of Texas reported the death. When they reached the location of the death, the overall situation was very difficult as Joe was lying down that. The initial investigation of the police officers became very difficult because no information from the dead body was also unavailable. It was related revealed through the proper report that his wife only was related to the entire murder and tried to murder her husband and succeeded on that day due to some family problems.

Killer Joe Sturdivant


Killer of Joe Sturdivant

Joe Sturdivant died on the 8th of October 2008, and through the investigation, it was later revealed that his wife had directly killed him, and she was the one who was directly related to the entire crime. She was convicted by the authorities in 2011 and was given a 30 years imprisonment sentence, but she was also given extra 15 years for the second conviction. She has been behind bars that the medical facility with taxes as she has been in a very bad condition but the recent documentary series related to the murder it was directly revealed the reason for which she decided to kill her husband and something which affected the relations in the family that was the reason for which decided to commit the crime.

Details of Joyce


Who and Where is Joyce Now?

Joe Sturdivant has directly been killed by her wife, Joyce Sturdivant. She was not very happy with the marriage. She was also not spending a very good time with her husband, who was 68 years old, and the relationship in the family was deteriorating. She decided to kill her husband and was later arrested by the police for the crimes. The authorities gave her 30 years imprisonment for the first convection and 15 years extra imprisonment for the second convection, and she went under the authorities for that. Presently she is under the Texas authority medical care as she was arrested in 2011 and has had to spend 45 years across that to get Released from jail. It is expected that she will gradually die inside the jail itself.

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