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An injured 4-year-old boy who was involved in a car accident last week has died

Noah Rodgriguez
Source : Facebook

A four-year-old boy Noah Rodgriguez, Died at Yale New Haven Hospital after the Bridgeport car crash on March 6. In the Bridgeport crash accident, her aunt also passed away; what happened with this little boy; we’ll go through all the details in this article; keep reading. 

According to the family statement of Noah Rodgriguez, he died after the rollover car crash last week. In this tragic accident, he was seriously injured. All these wounds led him to death. 

He passed away on Friday at Yale New Haven Hospital. In this tragic accident, his 24-year-old Chelsy Naesha Torres also died, who was the boy’s aunt, was informed by the family members. 

Noah Rodgriguez

Source : Facebook

The four-year-old boy’s mother, Ashley Aquino, said on Sunday, “He was such a pure wild sweetheart, A lovely little boy that had to make the whole room laugh. He will continue to live on as ‘Super Sonic Noah.”

Noah was a super fan of the video game character “Sonic”. He often referred to himself as Super Sonic Noah. He changed his name because of his love for superheroes and video games.

He was fond of the video game character Sonic the Hedgehog.

A GoFundMe fundraising page is launched to help his parents during this challenging time for funeral expenses. According to the GoFundMe page information, Noah was sound knowledge about dinosaurs.

He could elaborate on different types of dinosaurs without hesitation. The page further talked about his attributes, like he was unique and intelligent with a wild soul. 

Four people were inside the car, including Noah and his aunt, at the time of the accident at 3:30 p.m. on last Monday. According to Bridgeport Police, in the SUV, there were four people two adult women and two children. 

Their car was struck at the intersection of Boston Avenue, and just after this, other vehicles rolled over onto the roof. All are immensely taken to hospital, and the boy’s aunt Torres was declared dead in the Bridgeport Hospital. 

Noah has a one-year-old brother, who is expected that his brother would make a “full revovery” very soon from injuries, as written on GoFundMe. Now he has to live without his big brother Noah as noted on the website. 

Noah Rodgriguez

Source : Facebook

The emergency management director for Bridgeport, Scott Appleby, did not provide any updates on the boy’s death. Also, he did not give any comment on this. He also doesn’t tell whether any charges would be filed or not on anyone. 

Appleby paid tributes to the little boy and said about the incident. At this challenging time, the City of Bridgeport and the entire first responder community would like to extend our thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of the occupants involved in this fatality.

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