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Alex Reyes, Details of Murder and Death of Jean Allen

Alex Reyes

Alex Reyes was related to a homicide case on the 28 of January 2006. The victim was alive when the police officers reached the location, but the injuries of the incident were so brutal that Alex couldn’t survive for a very long time, which directly caused them to die. This was the next episode of The investigation discovering deadly women, where granny gets a gun as this television series directly provides details about women who decide to murder other people. As the police officers saw the death on their faces, he was kind-hearted and generous, and the Death was a very sad thing that happened.

Who is Alex Reyes


Who is Alex Reyes?

Alex Reyes was a kind-hearted and generous person and did not have any complaints related to himself in his entire life as he led a very simple life but did not have a very good relationship with his wife. His dead body was discovered on the 28 of January 2006, and a report was provided to the police officers related to the death. As the police officers found the dead body, it was difficult for them to identify details about the death and what happened in that incident. He had been separated from his wife, and that was something which had the both of them to be under a lot of difficulties as they couldn’t figure out the custody of the child. That was why the previous wife directly decided to kill her husband.

Death Alex Reyes


How did Alex Reyes die?

Alex Reyes died on the 28 of January 2006. He was alive when the police officers reached the location of the incident, but the injuries from the incident were massive. As the injuries went on to be very brutal was not possible for him to survive the incident, and he did not even survive till he was taken to the hospital. As the police officers started making the report, they did not receive any particular knowledge about the death, but the prime suspect in the Death was his previous wife. The investigation went against her, and it was also revealed that she was the one who was directly related to the overall murder itself.

Killer Alex Reyes


Details of Killer of Alex Reyes

Alex Reyes was directly killed by his wife, with whom he had no good relationship. Both of them also decided to actually end the relationship together and got separated from each other. Still, the overall controversy started when the family members had to choose the custody of the child, and as the custody of the child was something which did not have any particular detail became very difficult for the couple to get on to any conclusion. Jean, in this situation, directly decided to kill her previous husband, who would have helped with the custody of the child, as she desperately wanted to take custody of her child.

Jean Allen


What happened to Jean Allen?

Jean Allen was taken in front of the authorities, and in front of the jury, she directly accepted her crime and pleaded to be guilty to first-degree murder and admitted crimes. She was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in 2006, and later, in 2010, while she was spending her punishment at the California Jail, she directly died due to her old age. Her death was expected to happen because of her age, and she also did not want to survive because she was extremely unhappy with whatever she had to do to protect her child from her previous husband, but this was not the conclusion she wanted.

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