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Accident kills Meriden woman named Denisse Acosta turning into driveway

Denisse Acosta
Source : Facebook

In Meriden, a tragic car accident happened on Sunday Morning; this car crash led to the death of a woman named Denisse Acosta. After the collision, unfortunately, she was trapped in her car, and later the severe wound led her to death. 

The Meriden police department reported this accident, and this heartbreaking news saddened the community; keep reading this page for further information.

Denisse Acosta: What happened to her in the accident

This incident happened Sunday morning at Meriden when Denisse Acosta died in this car accident. On Sunday morning, the accident occurred at 3:29 a.m. at South Meriden. In this accident, there are two white Acura vehicles also included. 

Denisse Acosta

Source : Facebook

A car tried to turn to the left side, while the other vehicle that just drove behind collided badly with the driver’s car. Fifty-three years old Denise Acosta was driving the vehicle at that time and was trapped in her car.

Later firefighters from the Meriden Fire Department reached the accident spot and freed her from the car. Immitiditely she was rushed to the Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain. Due to severe injuries, she died in the hospital.

The strange thing that happened in the accident was that another driver who was also involved in the incident named Jonathan Reyes, 31 years old from the Jonathan Reyes from Meriden, was not hurt. 

Police investigation in the case :

There is no further information released by the Meriden Police Department yet. The process of investigation is undergoing by the Meriden Police Department, so there is the police have released no additional information till now. 

Denisse Acosta

Source : Facebook

They all are trying to find any eyewitnesses or if someone has video clips of the incident. If anyone has any information in this case, the can contact the Meriden police at 203-630-6201.

Friends pouring tributes to her friend:

One of her friends, Luz Delia wrote an emotional post on Social media to tribute to her friend and  said:

Three days ago I uploaded this photo of my memories, and what sadness today I woke up with the trite news that I had already lost… you will no longer be with us, dad. God decided that his time has come he is in a better place than us, but I ask him for a lot of strength for her children and family. I think a lot about her 15-year-old daughter.

I was always with her, so sad. God give you a lot of strength, Denisse. I will never forget your smile was unique and that joy you will always carry with you. Rest in Peace friend 

While one of his other friends, Dee Djesus, did not believe this news and said she just saw her the last night, he wrote in the comment section, “As?!! If I saw her last night??!!

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