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Kevin Cincotta, Details of Son of Andrea Cincotta

Kevin Cincotta

Kevin Cincotta is the son of the woman who got murdered in 1998 when she was 52 years old. It was a very dangerous murder case recently in a documentary television series. Kevin is the son of Andrea, who was involved in a murder case where two of the suspects for rested and later on were also pleaded to be guilty presently. Information about him has been available, and the condition in which he is staying is also provided in the documentary television series. Kevin was also working with the investigation team to find the suspects in the murder of his mother.

Who is Kevin Cincotta


Who is Kevin Cincotta?

Kevin Cincotta is the son of the woman who got murdered in a homicide case on August 22 1998, named Andrea. Kevin was born in 1974 and grew up at two separate base points as his parents got a divorce in an early part of his life, but he always maintained a very good Bond with both his parents, and he also did not have any romantic issues with his family. When his mother was 52 years old, she decided to marry again. She found a fiance named James, with whom Kevin was very close and shared a good relationship with him, but the relationship turned around when the details of the death of his mother came out.

Where is Kevin Cincotta


Where is Kevin Cincotta now?

Kevin Cincotta tried to work with the investigation team to find the exact people who were related to the murder of his mother, and that was very effective after the modern July 2022; there was no chance of forgiving, and there was a wait of nearly 24 years for a son to provide justice to his mother he was 48 years old when the judge passed it. He also stated that he lost his emotional support system and the love of his life. He lives in Virginia with his close family members and recently appeared on the Netflix television series, where he provided the details about the documentary and what exactly happened with his mother.

_Kevin Cincotta Details


Details of Kevin Cincotta

Kevin Cincotta was 24 years old in 1998 when his mother was killed in her colonial village. After exactly 24 years of his life, when he was 48 years old, the criminals of the murder were directly arrested by the police officers with proper evidence against them. After nearly two decades of the matter, he directly provided justice to his mother. The police officers and the team of investigators tried their best in the initial days to find information about the matter, but it took them so many years to conclude the case as the child went on for a long recently. In July 2022, the case was directly concluded.



Information related to Andrea

Andrea Cincotta was 52 years old in 1998 when her fiance killed her, and his friend Bobby on the 22nd of August 1998 due to certain problems in their relationship took the police and the court to conclude the case after 24 years in July 2022. The hard work of the police officers also consists of the dedication of a son as her son Kevin was directly involved with the investigation of the police officer and was also very determined to provide proper justice to his mother as he wanted to catch the people who decided to murder his mother and also provide the proper punishment to the people who have done this thing.

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