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James Chris Johnson, Details of Fiance of Andrea Cincotta Now

James Chris Johnson

James Chris Johnson was the fiance of the 52-year-old woman and Riya, who died on the 22nd of August 1998 when she was found strangled to be dead at her apartment in the initial stages of the investigation. James was the prime suspect in the entire incident, and he was related to the murder, which resulted in him to be 24 years of struggle with the court and the authorities. Initial stages of the report, there was no information available about the matter as there were no signs of 4 century in the house. The police officers were very short that any known family member was related to the murder, and James was the prime suspect in the murder.

Who is James Chris Johnson


Who is James Chris Johnson?

James Chris Johnson was the fiance of Andrea, the woman who died on the 22nd of August 1998. James was the prime suspect in the entire incident as he was supposed to get married to the woman, so he had a high chance of getting involved in the murder of the woman as he was having certain problems with her regarding their family acquaintance. The death happened very unexpectedly, and death was also not properly justified in any manner. The police got involved and had a 22-hour-long interrogation with James. The death of Andrea had a long report, but it was filled after 24 years.

Where is James Chris Johnson


Where is James Chris Johnson now?

James Chris Johnson was related to the murder of Andrea Cincotta, but not directly. In November 2021, it was the first time the court directly provided the indicated the first degree modern against Bobby and James and the murder following an order which was then an attempt of Murder in 1999 again. Hence, the investigation continued very well and asked the police officers did not have any information that he was not directly related to the murder. Recently in July 2022, when Bobby confessed all his crimes, stated that James was directly related to all the crimes that happened, and James was one of the individuals who was supposed to be got under the act of the police officer.

James Chris Johnson Details


Details of James Chris Johnson

James Chris Johnson was directly related to the murder of his answer when the person who was the killer admitted the crime in July 2022, and he also stated that it was James who was the main head behind the entire matter and wanted to kill his fiance. The police did not receive any information against him, which was why they could not arrest him. Still, as no information about him was available, that did not mean that he was not related to the murder because not have any Evidence in that case. It is causing a lot of difficulties, and recently there has been no information on whether James is in jail.

Death of Andrea


Death of Andrea

Andrea Cincotta died on the 22nd of August 1998 when she was directly killed by her fiance, Bobby, and the death happened at her colonial apartment, where she was choked to death. The matter concluded after 24 years when proper information against The killers was available after 24 years, and it took the police officers nearly 24 years to conclude the case where one of the killers admitted the crime, or else there were no chances for the authorities to conclude the matter on themselves. The matter has recently gone under a Netflix television series, and information against that has been available, which has provided direct information about the matter.

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