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Dimitri Vazquez Found Dead? Learn Everything About This Tragic Incident

Dimitri Vazquez
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Dimitri Vazquez, a 17 years old teen who had been missing from Jacksonville, Florida. He was missing since Thursday, and now he has been found dead. After hearing this news, his friends and family members go into a deep state of pain and sorrow.

The investigation continues to find the circumstances that are responsible for his death. We’ll know all the details about this case; keep reading.

Dimitri Vazquez : Who was he

Dimitri was a resident of Jacksonville, Florida. He was very friendly by nature and was a great soul. According to his friends, he always tried to make himself happy around him. His family had very high mental stress after he went missing, as told by her sister.

Dimitri Vazquez

Source : BCNews24

Regarding his physical appearance, he has curly hair with mildly tanned skin and brown eyes, weighs about 160 pounds and is 5’9″ tall.

Dimtri Vazquez : Whe he was last seen

According to different media reports, he was last seen at the intersection of St John’s & Edgewood in Jacksonville. At that time, his family tried to get him back home, but unfortunately, they were too late, and the police found his dead body.

Dimitri Vazquez: Reason behind the death

As per the latest news, no information is available regarding the circumstances surrounding Dimitri’s death or how this happened. The police investigation is currently ongoing, and police trying to solve the case from different angles.

Dimitri Vazquez

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We’ll update this section as soon we’ll get some news. At this challenging time, our thoughts and grief with Dimitri’s family and friends. The GoFundMe account is also set up for Dimitri’s family; you can help Dimitri’s family in this challenging time.

People pouring tributes to Dimitri Vazquez :

Dubel Agosto

Dimitri was a talented and intelligent young man who was kind and generous. We will miss his sweet smile. I’m so sorry for your loss. He will be greatly missed.

Sadie Bambina

This is so sad! I saw the family out posting fliers and could see the look of determination in their faces. I was hoping for a better outcome with this.

Nancy Anderson

People are smart at hiding their thoughts and depression and honestly it’s easy to hide ones feeling some you’d never know there was or is a issue…most are silent…we just don’t know …these days we are all falling someone

Yenn Unique

Stop blaming the parents and jso we need to be praying for this family as parents we don’t know what our kids going to do this so sad for this family just horrible who are you all to judge them we don’t know how or when God wants to go praying.

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