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Bobby Leonard, Details of the killer of Andrea Cincotta

Bobby Leonard

Bobby Leonard has been directly related to the murder of Andrea that happened on the 22nd of August 1998, 24 years ago, and then he was directly arrested for the murder in 2000. After getting arrested in 2000, many children went, but no information about the murder has been available recently. In July 2022, yes directly pleaded guilty to the crime and provided his details about the other people involved in the murder. Bobby also stated that the fiance of Andrea, James, was also related to the crime and was the main head behind the overall thing that happened.

Who is Bobby Leonard


Who is Bobby Leonard?

Bobby Leonard was the premium killer who was related to the murder of Andrea that happened on the 22nd of August 1998 and was the main person who was involved in the crime and directly committed the crime. He was convicted in 2000, but there was no information available through the recent trials that happened in July 2022. He has directly needed guilty about the matter and also has stated another person who was involved with him in the matter. He has been given a life imprisonment punishment for the Crime he committed and the time he took for himself to be guilty. Admitted the crime nearly after 24 years.

Where is Bobby Leonard


Where is Bobby Leonard now?

Bobby Leonard was convicted in 2000 when he was being convicted. Still, in the trial this year, no information was available in that scenario. There was no information that the court could not decide when to make any final decision. Recently, in July 2022, he admitted all his crimes and stated himself to be guilty of the crimes that happened. He stated that overheated was something through the pressurization of James, who was directly related. Presently he is spending the life imprisonment punishment provided to him, and he is in the state prison of Virginia and is expected to spend the rest of his life there.

Bobby Leonard Details


Details of the crime of Bobby Leonard

Bobby Leonard committed the crime of killing Riya, who was a 52-year-old woman and was supposed to get married again in her life. She had a son named Kevin and was supposed to get married to James. In that situation, when she went to spend time in her colonial villages, she was expected to find the dead in her room, which directly caused a very difficult thing for the police officer. Bobby committed the official crime, but his recent statement directly stated that James was the major head behind the thing that happened and was also not happy with his fiance.

Andrea Murder


Murder of Andrea

Andrea Cincotta was a 52-year-old woman about to get married for the second time in her life, but her fiance and Bobby Leonard, killed her. The murder happened on the 22nd of August 1992, and after that, there was no information available about everything that happened. The police officers also had two suspects in the matter. One of them was directly arrested, but the official case concluded after 24 years when Bobby pleaded himself to be guilty. James was also related to the crime but not directly, and there has also not been direct information available about James and the life he is spending.

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