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Alisha Painter was Missing; What Happened to Her? Get All there is to Know About the 41-Year-Old Oklahoma Lady

Alisha Painter Missing

The Pike County Prosecutor’s Office, the Piketon Police Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio BCI are all looking for an adult female from Oklahoma who has gone missing. In this article, we’ll learn what happened to the missing lady and if she’s been found safe.

Alisha Painter Needs to be Included. What Happened to Her?

Young, a.k.a. Ms. Painter, is now being searched by several other organisations. The Ohio BCI, the Southern Ohio Major Crimes Task Force, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the Piketon Police Department, and other agencies are involved in this operation, along with the Pike County Prosecutor’s Office. Nevertheless, all relevant authorities and a private search and rescue team from Christian Help Ministries thoroughly searched the Piketon region throughout the weekend.

Intense Investigation:

A search crew in the region employed drones to do a grid search. During the inquiry, a white jacket was discovered among the woods near the sawmill. Gloves and shoe traces disappeared into the dense vegetation around twenty feet from the coat. These shoe designs resemble the cut shoes used by females. This is the jacket the lady was wearing as she exited her car and went out of sight. 

We discovered a white removable hood inside the car when we looked around. This bonnet was identical in brand and colour to the one found in the woods. Ms. Painter is also seen wearing this jacket. Authorities obtained a phone number from the car’s Straight Talk Wireless phone box. The phone was “pinged,” and Oklahoma was the location. Ms. Painter reportedly abandoned this phone in Oklahoma. Ms. Painter’s digital trial is already being probed in several ways. Our search efforts have increased and gotten more serious as of today.

News Release:

The Pike County Prosecutor’s Office, in collaboration with the Piketon Police Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio BCI, is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing adult female from Oklahoma.

The tag was traced back to a missing/endangered adult female named Alisha Painter by the Piketon Police Department. Security video shows the car arriving at the Sunoco parking lot at 01:47 a.m. on February 25, 2023. The car is parked on the outskirts of the parking area. The same morning, at about 04:30 a.m., a female matching Ms. Painter’s description is seen departing the car, wandering around the parking lot, and going in a South/Southeast direction from the camera’s view.

Since the petrol station was closed then, the female could not enter the shop while parked in the lot. She does not return to the Sunoco parking lot at any time after she leaves. Pike County Prosecutor’s Office and Piketon Police Department investigators have been collecting information concerning the truck’s contents and more security video. 

Alisha Painter, 41, is a 5’5 female with Blond Hair and Brown Eyes. She is known to often alter her hair colour by wearing wigs. Ms. Painter has dissociative identity disorder (DID). In the surveillance footage, the female wore a white jacket and trousers. She looked to be driving south from the Piketon Sunoco Station. Attached is a current snapshot of Ms. Painter and a screenshot of the CCTV video from the morning of February 25, 2023.

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