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Robert Blake is accused of killing Bonny Lee Bakley

Robert Blake is accused of killing Bonny Lee Bakley
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Bonny Lee Bakley was the second wife of the actor Robert Blake. Her tenth husband was Robert Blake. Blake was accused of killing his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, but was eventually cleared of the accusation.

Her friends and relatives described her as a starstruck woman who always wanted to marry a celebrity. She even said that it will make her feel better than other people. 

Bonny Bakley’s early life

Bonny was born and brought up with her two siblings and a half-brother in Morristown, New Jersey, where she lived with her grandmother in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. In Wharton, New Jersey, her mother ran a business selling antiques. 

When she was 16 years old, she dropped out of high school to pursue her dream of becoming a model and an actor. She went to New York City to the Barbizon School of Modelling. 

There she met her first husband, who she married in order to help him not get deported, but after they divorced, he got deported. At age 21, she married her first cousin, with whom she had the longest marriage of 5 years. She had 2 daughters with him. 

In her early years, she launched a mail-order business where she sent nude photos of women, including herself, in order to make money. She also started a ‘lonely hearts’ campaign for ‘lonely men’ and would ask for money from men who answered her ads. She could purchase numerous homes in Memphis, Tennessee, and one home outside of Los Angeles with the help of all of this income.

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Bonny Lee Bakley Cause of death 

Bakley was fatally shot in Blake’s car outside Vitello’s restaurant in Los Angeles in May 2001. She was shot in the head while sitting in the passenger seat of Blake’s Dodge Stealth. According to sources, Blake was not present when the shooting took place, but he found her after returning to the restaurant to get the gun he had left there.

Her husband, Robert Blake

She met her husband at a jazz club in 1999 while involved with Christian Brando. She gave birth to her daughter, whom everyone initially thought belonged to Christian but belonged to Robert. 

When he learned about it, he agreed to marry her in return for her signing a temporary custody arrangement. She signed the agreement, and they got married. But even though they were married, they never lived together. 

Robert Blake was thought to have killed her at the time of her death, but on March 16, 2005, a jury declared him not guilty.