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Marie Zoppi, Details of her Murder and Where is Tina Lunney Now?

Marie Zoppi

Marie Zoppi has been related to the murder in July 2009, the regular day Mary was found dead in her bedroom with a blanket over her. There was also a suicide note that was recovered from her house, and a recent television series, the Deadly Woman, has directly covered the overall matter. The letter investigation stated that it was not suicide but a properly planned Murder. She lived with her daughter, who was married, and her name was Tina. Later, it was stated that her daughter was only related to her Murder.

Who is Marie Zoppi


Who is Marie Zoppi?

Marie Zoppi was a woman who died 2009 in July 2009 and was found dead in her bedroom with a blanket over her. The police also stated that a suicide note was recovered from her house on the day she died, and the person who killed her wanted to state that it was a suicide, but it was a planned Murder. She was a very good person, and her untimely death shocked the police officer as it was stated a daughter was only related to the overall death.

Marie Zoppi Murder


Murder Details of Marie Zoppi?

Marie Zoppi was killed in July 2009, but to the initial investigation, it was directly stated that it was a suicide as a proper suicide note was win available from her house later on, after a proper report was filed by the police officer it was directly available that it was not a suicide case. Still, it was a properly planned murder that happened. The proper report found proper evidence against her daughter Tina who reportedly decided to kill her mother later on. In her confession that she made around 14 years of living with her mother, she stated that there were certain problems in her life, which was why she took the difficult step.

Marie Zoppi Killer


Killer of Marie Zoppi

Marie Zoppi was killed in July 2009, and the Murder Was directly done by her daughter Tina. She directly decided to murder her mother, and later on, when she accepted the confession, she also stated that she was the one who directly wrote the suicide note and decided to murder her mother. Later on, when she made her confession, it directly became very difficult for the police officers to go on to gain proper information about the case, but the guilty should directly. The police officers reportedly provided a report to the court, and she was directly taken under trial and claimed about all the crimes she committed.

Tina Lunney


Details related to Tina Lunney now

Tina Lunney was the person who killed her mother. As she directly decided to do the crime, she did not know that the consequences would be so dangerous to her life as proper evidence against her was provided till August 2013, she was directly sentenced to 40 years in the present since 2013, and presently she is inside the state prison and is going under the sentence. She was directly related to the crime, and whatever she did affect her overall life. It is expected that she knows her crime and that whatever she has done is a big lesson for her life.

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