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Lincoln heights shooting: Three LAPD Officers Got Injured After the Incident

Lincoln heights shooting

A sizable police presence has taken over several streets in a Los Angeles neighbourhood after several police officers were allegedly injured in a shooting in Lincoln Heights. Let’s look at the specifics of the shooting in Lincoln Heights.

Lincoln heights shooting Explained:

Three Los Angeles Police Department officers are reportedly hurt due to a shooting in Lincoln Heights. All of the officers have been taken to nearby hospitals for medical care. Unknown is their state at the moment. One of them, according to reports, is a K9 detective for the LAPD Metropolitan Division. The house, close to the LAC USC Medical Center near Mission Avenue and N, still has the suspect barricaded inside a garage. He is wanted for an unspecified felony. Broadway.

What took place at Lincoln Heights?

At the intersection of and N, police officers arrived—Mission Street and N. Broadway, which is in the Lincoln Heights district. According to reports, when police arrived, the suspect reportedly ran away, causing them to set up a perimeter and call for assistance from a K9 squad. After waiting for two hours, the suspect began firing at the police. The incident happened close to the LAC USC Medical Center, at Prince Street and Broadway.

Who is the suspect?

The LAPD has not yet made any information regarding the suspect public. According to reports, the suspect may have fled, and a search is underway. The conditions of the officers were not immediately made public. Residents have been advised to lock their doors and stay inside.

Numerous LAPD officers were in the area, encircling a home and aiming their weapons into the alleyway behind it. According to LAPD, a SWAT team has been sent to the site to assist with the investigation. All traffic has been shut down in the neighbourhood as the situation worsens. This narrative is still being written. This article will be updated as new data becomes available.

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