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Is Laney Wilson in a Relationship? Check Laney Wilson dating History

Laney Wilson Husband_Boyfriend
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Laney Wilson is a popular American country music singer and songwriter.

Laney Wilson moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career as a country artist. But Laney Wilson started performing at a young age, even before moving to Nashville.

In 2014 Laney Wilson released her debut album. In 2016, Laney Wilson released her second album on the Lone Chief label.

Laney Wilson has landed a publishing deal. In 2019, Laney Wilson released her Extended Play (EP), which includes the song “Things a Man Oughta Know”.

In 2020, the song “Things a Man Oughta Know” was released as a single from BBR Music Group, which later peaked at number one on the United States charts.

In 2014, Laney Wilson made her studio album debut with self-titled. In 2022, Laney Wilson released the “Bell Bottom Country” studio album.

Laney Wilson also released Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ and Tougher album.

Laney Wilson released three Extended plays- Lainey Wilson, Country Girls Rule, and Redneck Hollywood.

In 2015, Laney Wilson released her debut single “Tougher”. in 2022, Laney Wilson released the “Heart Like a Truck” single.

How old is Laney Wilson?

Laney Wilson’s age is 30 years. Laney Wilson’s full name is Lainey Denay Wilson. Laney Wilson’s date of birth is 19 May 1992. Laney Wilson was born to Brian and Michelle in Baskin, Louisiana, U.S.

Laney Wilson’s mother was a schoolteacher and Laney Wilson’s father was a farmer. Laney Wilson did her studies in her hometown. Laney Wilson’s nationality is American.

Is Laney Wilson Married?

Laney Wilson’s marital status is unmarried.

Lane Wilson is not married yet and currently, she is not dating anyone. Currently, Lane Wilson is not in a relationship with anyone.

Layne Wilson is focused on his career. Lana Wilson has taken her singing to great heights and has carved a niche for herself.

According to some sources, Lainie Wilson was previously in a relationship with Ian Bohen. But soon the two parted ways.

But there is no concrete information on whether Lana Wilson was in a relationship with anyone or not.

Who is Laney Wilson Husband or Boyfriend?

Laney Wilson does not have a Husband or Boyfriend.

Layne Wilson and Ian Bohen appeared together in the Yellowstone episode, leading people to believe that Layne and Ian are in a relationship or dating.

In Season 5 of Yellowstone, Laney and Ryan dance together, played by Ian.

The way Laney and Ian dance and work together, both of them have attracted fans.

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