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Who is Severina Burner? Adelaide Council Member Under Fire For Forming Nazi Swastika

Who is Severina Burner

Severina Burner, a councilwoman from the Adelaide, Australia-based City of Salisbury, has drawn criticism for sharing a Nazi swastika meme on social media on Sunday. Burner’s actions have drawn criticism from other quarters and city officials, who have united in denouncing Burner. Severina Burner represents the Adelaide’s City of Salisbury on the council. She posted a Nazi swastika-related meme on social media. The Salisbury councillors passed a motion strongly condemning her post in response to it.

Who is Severina Burner?

Salisbury in Adelaide, Australia, has Severina Burner on its city council. She faced criticism for posting a social media meme concerning the Nazi swastika. In the image she posted, a young boy mimics the Nazi swastika symbol with extended hands and legs. The caption reads, “Me when I’m asked to apologize for being right,” with the word “white” being substituted for the word “right”. The Salisbury councilors adopted a motion that “strongly denounces” the meme in response to her post. 

They noted that the meme referenced the Nazis and fascism while passing the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the report, council members expressed shock at how the image would affect residents of the northern suburbs who had ties to people persecuted by the Nazis in Europe.

In her remarks at the meeting, Mayor Gillian Aldridge said, “We are united in not tolerating this behaviour. Interestingly, Adelaide is home to a Holocaust museum “dedicated to telling the stories of the Holocaust to create a fairer and compassionate world,” according to the official website. Greg Adams, the museum’s chair, told Daily Mail that higher standards must be set for elected officials.

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