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Murdaugh family incident : Alex Murdaugh stands guilty of killing his wife and Son

Alex Murdaugh stands guilty of killing his wife and Son
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This case revolves around a family with 100 years of power and millions in fraud came crashing down. Alex Murdaugh, also known as “the Murdaugh murders,” was convicted of murdering his wife and son on March 3. This was truly a family tragedy.

Who is Alex Murdaugh?

In 1993, Alex Murdaugh married Margaret Branstetter and had two boys, Buster and Paul. In the summer of 2021, as it turns out, Maggie had been looking into divorcing her husband, Alex. 

On June 7, 2021, Maggie texted her friend that Alex was acting suspiciously after he asked Maggie to meet him in Moselle. Upon arriving, she met up with her son, Paul, and both of them were shot with two different guns, Maggie with an assault rifle and Paul with a shotgun. He later called 911, lying that he found them gunned down. 

It is also found out that he had hired a friend to shoot him so that his older son, Buster, could receive his $10 million insurance money, as he confessed by him.

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Other crimes involving the Murdaugh family

Alex Murdaugh has now been arrested, not only for the murder of his wife and son, but also other crimes for which he was convicted. The family, or at least Alex, was involved in a series of crimes involving financial crimes and five suspicious crimes, which all roamed around the Murdaugh family, dating back to 2015. 

The crimes involved- an alleged homophobic hate crime; a boating incident that led to death; a suspicious insurance scam; a roadside scam that could have been another insurance scam; a murder incident, which was covered up as a hit-and-run case; and a double murder of a family matriarch and favorite son. With all these crimes, including the murder of his wife and son, Alex Murdaugh faces up to 80 charges.

Trial held for the murder of the son of the wife

For the murder of his son, Paul Murdaugh, and his wife, a six-week trial for Alex Murdaugh was held. On July 2022, he pleaded not guilty to the case, after which a series of trials were held, ultimately leading to the court finding him guilty for the two murders and other financial crimes and murders. 

This case had been the talk of the nation, due to the hit podcast, by a journalist, who allegedly brought clues together, leading up to Alex Murdaugh’s conviction. During the trial, several documentaries also came about on HBO and Netflix, which really caught the eye of the nation.