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Marcel Amont, a Singer, Passed Away at the Age of 93

Singer Marcel Amont died

Marcel Amont, a music hall artist renowned for several classics such as “Blue, white, blonde,” died on March 8 at 93, according to a statement from his family issued to Agence France-Presse. According to the same source, the jumping artist and quirky showman died at his home in Saint-Cloud after a 75-year career.

What was His Name?

Marcel Balthazar Miramon was born in Bordeaux on April 1, 1929, as the only son of Modeste Miramon and Romélie Lamazou. Her Béarn parents, “interior immigrants,” had left the Aspe valley to work as a railway labourer and nurse’s assistant. Miramon, an athlete and teaser well-liked by his peers, aspires to be a gym instructor or an actress after completing his baccalaureate.

His Fame Skyrockets:

He shortens his surname to Amont “to make it more fashionable” and travels to Paris in 1951 to try his luck. He explored the little rooms, ran across Jacques Brel at the Patachou cabaret, and met Aznavour and Brassens. He forms an unbreakable bond with these three artists. He was discovered in 1953 by Jean Nohain, who hired him into his troupe and featured him on his television show “36 candles” regularly. But, in 1954, the singer became critically sick and was sent to a sanatorium for treatment. Fernand Raynaud, a newcomer, takes his spot.

In 1956, after becoming the year’s revelation, he had a public disc with Juliette Gréco and Serge Gainsbourg.

Back in 1956, he became a celebrity. He travelled to the Alhambra before being engaged as a curtain raiser for Edith Piaf at the Olympia. Over these five weeks, his fame skyrocketed. He then performs every day in three different locations across the metropolis. He goes to Bobino, a vast music venue on the left bank. After becoming the year’s revelation, he made a public disc with Juliette Gréco and Serge Gainsbourg, which the Charles-Cros Academy’s Grand Prix rewarded.

Starting in 1957, he co-starred with Brigitte Bardot as a reporter-photographer in the film The Bride Was Too Beautiful, directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit. Very slowly, very gently was his first significant song in 1961. A blue-white blonde was famous in 1962. The Mexicansong, composed by Charles Aznavour, is also a tremendous hit.

Claude Nougaro wrote numerous titles for him, and in 1962, Marcel Amont recorded a 45-rpm in Béarn to gratify his parents. “I sing in French, but Béarnais is the language that talks to my heart.” He became interested in flying and obtained his pilot’s licence to fly from town to town during his tours in France.

“Old School in My Own Country”:

He pioneered in France, having dancers emerge around him for the first time on the Olympia stage in 1965. He began using stunt performers and large screens in his presentation in 1970. In October 1967, he presented “Amont Tour,” one of the very first colour television shows, under the direction of director Jean-Christophe Averty. He followed this television journey with the programme “Tutankhamont” in 1974.

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