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Italian Football Coach Italo Galbiati Morto passes away – Know about his Cause of Death

Italian Football Coach Italo Galbiati Morto passes away
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Italo Galbiati, the former England assistant manager, has passed away at the age of 85. As a member of Fabio Capello’s coaching staff at Real Madrid, he won two league titles.

AC Milan announced the death of their very own Football Coach, Italo Galbiati Morto, on Twitter.

Who was Italo Galbiati?

Meanwhile, Italo started his career in football in 1958. He played for Inter Milan as a Midfielder till 1960. After that, in 1960, he played for Calcio Lecco till 1966. Around the early ’80s, he joined AC Milan. He started serving as Coach at AC Milan.

Italo Galbiati Morto came to light after he started his journey with the famous Football Manager Fabio Capello. He was the assistant manager of Fabio Capello. Italo Galbiati assisted Fabio Capello in well-known football clubs. Except for AC Milan, he also worked with Fabio in Real Madrid, Roma, Juventus, and England.

Italo and Fabio would be diverse personalities, even if it was a successful combination in the football world. According to the players, Italo was a Good Cop, and Fabio was a Bad Cop for them. 

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Italo Galbiati Cause Of Death

Italo Galbiati Morto’s death reason has not been disclosed yet. His family and friends have not told the media about the reason for his demise.

Tribute to legend

The whole football community is in sorrow for losing the precious gem. After AC Milan’s tweet to tribute to the Italo Galbiati, people worldwide paid tribute and mourned for the legend. 

His contribution to the professional football industry was remarkable. He created a special space in the heart of people he came across. All close people and others pay deep tribute to the loving man on various social media platforms.


The entire football community is currently mourning him through various social media platforms.It was a great career for him, as he achieved many titles in football.The fact that his passing news is true is proven by the fact that he was remembered and honored for his outstanding contributions to football.

Due to the fact that they are not in a position to talk about it at the moment, we are also waiting for the right time to speak with them. “Our hearts are with his family as we stand in support of them.” The funeral details have yet to be announced.