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What is Ray Gauthier Cause of death? How did Ray Gauthier Die?

Ray Gauthier
Source : BCNews24

Ray Gauthier, the husband of Brenda Lucki, died on March 4, 2023. At this sad moment, the RCMP family paid the tributes to Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

On Saturday, March 4, 2023, an online obituary was held for Ray Gauthier. We’ll know more about Ray Gauthier and his life in this article; keep reading.

Ray Gauthier: Know more about him

He was brought up in the Gauthier family Homestead, Ouelletteville. Ray spent his childhood among cousins, uncles, and aunts. There is all part of his extended family. But he was raised by his maternal grandmother called, Laurette Gustavsen.

He started school at a small school and later graduated from CBV school in Cluny.

Ray Gauthier: What happened to him

Ray Gauthier passed away on March 4, 2023, and his family and another official source still do not reveal the exact cause of his death. However, his known persons and his friend pour tributes on the death of Ray.

Ray Gauthier

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Many people wrote emotional and hurt-touching comments for Ray Gauthier. According to his friends, he was very kind-hearted, always putting others first.

He was also interested in travelling and was known as an avid traveller among his friends.

Apart from travelling, he loved camping, snowmobiling, fishing, and hunting; he mostly did these activities with his friends and family members. He always tried to manage time for these activities.

Family Details: Ray Gauthier

Ray left behind his wife, Commissioner Brenda, son Kevin Shannon and daughter Traci. He has a stepdaughter named Elizabeth and two grandsons, Sam and Louie.

He also has two sisters named Barb Doug and Bonnie, along with brother David. He has a stepmother Leona and stepbrothers named Bill & Bob, while he also loves stepsisters Bev & Judy.

So it is clear that he lived with abundant love among his family members.

Tributes to Ray Gauthier


The RCMP family offers our very deepest condolences to
Brenda Lucki on the recent passing of her husband Ray Gauthier. Thoughts and prayers are with you all in this difficult time.

Taleeb Noormohamed

My heartfelt condolences to
Brenda Lucki and her family on the passing of her husband, Ray Gauthier, with prayers for strength and healing.
May he Rest in Peace.


My deepest condolences to Brenda Lucki and family. Brenda has been through so much in the past year and feel terrible for her.

Peter A. Lepine

There is not enough words to provide you with comfort during this tremendous loss. I pray you are surrounded by loved ones and find some peace in their arms.

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