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Temple University Student George Moscony Died By Suicide

George Moscony
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Temple University student George Moscony died tragically on Sunday, March 5, 2023. The loss of a young man is always a tragedy for his family members; George died just at the age of 20. Now the reasons behind the death of Gorge left so many people wondering.

After this tragic event, his beloved family was in deep pain. In this article, we’ll learn all the details behind the death of George and more; keep reading.

George Moscone: Who was he

George was born in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, on October 16, 2002, was his birthdate. He was born to George A. Moscony and Dina Joy Moscony. He was an excellent football player and played for four years for Haverford High School.

He was a god-gifted Football player, as said by his teammates. He tried to spend time playing the guitar with his family and friends. He was a second-year student at Temple University of business administration finance.

According to his friends and family, George was a charming, career-driven and outgoing young man. He always put another person first before himself and tried to help everyone. He had excellent skills as an athlete.

He played lacrosse in high school and eventually continued with his club team at University.

George Moscony: Cause of death

After the death of George, his family and friends are in a state of shock and feel sad about the loss. Some of his friends said they had no idea he was struggling with mental issues.

His mother, Jennifer Moscony, who gave the interview to Philadelphia Inquirer, said that her son was always been in a happy state and he was an avid outgoing person as well. We have no idea if he has suffered from some mental issues.

George Moscony

Source : Facebook

His cause of death of George was suicide by hanging, according to reports. He was found dead in an outside campus apartment. His death was a big loss for his family and Temple University.

GoFundMe Campaign by his sister :

George’s sister Nicole organized a GoFundme campaign for her family in this challenging time.

she said, “My parents, Dina and George Moscone, are unaware of this fundraiser, but with the assistance of my other family members, I am still promoting it.” She also posted on Facebook and wrote about this tragic event as :

Hi everyone. It breaks my heart to say that my little brother George passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I am organizing this GoFundMe to relieve my parents of his funeral costs while they attempt to process this loss.

She just requested politely to donate to GoFundMe Campaign and further included in his statement

“There is no obligation, but anything you can donate helps – thoughts and prayers are equally appreciated. My parents are unaware that I am posting this as of now, but I am doing so with the knowledge and support of multiple other close family members.

I ask that you please feel free to share this post, but do not tag them on it. I blocked them so they cannot see any of my posts even when shared.”

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