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Is Emily on Fox still married? Who is Emily Campagna husband?

Emily Campagna husband Peter Riley
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A lot of rumours related to Emily Compagno’s marriage and husband surfaced, in which Emily Compagno and her husband, Peter Riley, got divorced. Emily Compagno’s husband, Peter Riley, finds a new life partner, which leads to his divorce from Emily.

Because of all the rumours, Emily Compagno fans have a lot of questions like- Who is Emily Compagno’s husband? Are they not together anymore? What is he rich in? What does he do? Is Peter Riley really married to another woman?

Answers to all the questions are given in detail below. All the information related to Emily Compagno’s husband and her personal life is given below.

Who is Emily Campagna?

Emily Campagna is a famous American Attorney, TV host, and former NFL ( National Football League) cheerleader.

Emily Campagna is working near San Francisco as a criminal defence attorney.

Emily Campagna is currently co-hosting Outnumbered on Fox News Channel (FNC).

Emily is invited to appear on the Late Night Show “Gutfeld!” Also seen in

Emily Campagna hosts Fox News Radio April The Fox True Crime Podcast w/ Emily Campagno until February 2023.

Is Emily On Fox Still Married?

Who is Emily Campagna Husband?

Emily Campagna’s husband’s name is Peter Riley. Emily marries her close friend, Peter Riley. Emily Campagna and Peter Riley married on 13 September 2017 at the Family Villa in Villa Cimbrone, Italy.

Emily and Peter attended school together at State University. Emily and Peter received bachelor’s degrees in politics in 2000. Emily and Peter were very happy with their marriage. The couple does not have any children.

Who is Peter Riley?

By profession, Peter Riley is an American real estate agent. Peter is from the American city of Vancouver, Washington.

Peter Riley is well-recognized as the husband of American lawyer and Fox News anchor Emily Campagna.

According to the sources, Emily Campagna’s husband, Peter Riley, is a wealthy Netskope account manager with approximately $8 million in assets.

Are Emily Compagno and Peter Riley Divorced?

A lot of rumours of Emily Campagna and Peter Riley’s divorce are coming to the fore, as people are searching the internet about them, believing it to be true.

But there is no solid proof and truth behind the regret. There is no dispute between the couple. There is no such confirmation of them that they are getting divorced from each other.

Does Emily Compagno Have Children?

It is not Emily Compagno’s child. Emily and Peter Reilly tied the knot in 2017. Emily earned a B.A. in political science from the University of Washington, where the two attended college, while Peter also sought a political science degree. In 2022, they got divorced.


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