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How did Rylan Ezman Die? Know everything about him

Rylan Ezman
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Hockey player and Middleton High School player Rylan Ezman died on Sunday, March 4th 2023. The sudden death of 18-year-old Rylan led his friends and family to mourn. Now his death raised many questions, and everyone is curious to know more about his death.

All are talking about how a young and charming boy could end his life in this way. In this article, we’ll learn more about Rylan Ezman, Including his cause of death; keep reading.

Rylan Ezman: Who was he

He was an excellent hockey player. Rylan was born and brought up in Wisconsin, He had god-gifted athlete attributes from childhood. He began playing Hockey at the age of just five. Eventually, he developed his interest in this game.

Rylan Ezman

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Later he sharpened his skills in speed, agility and some other skills on the ice. Rylan was a multitalented person he was not only good at sports, but he was also very dedicated to his studies.

He focused on the class, and he was known for his creativity and quick learning ability as compared to others. He also worked and volunteered for the local food bank; he always tried to give back to others.

He was famous for his genuine and kind nature among his friends and family.

The reason behind the death: Rylan Ezman

Talented young Middleton High School student Rylan Ezman passed away at the age of just 18. He left his family and friends in deep pain. The reason behind the death of Rylan is that he killed himself by committing suicide.

Still, the circumstances that forced the young player to commit suicide are unknown. His parents found him dead in his bedroom early on March 4, 2023. This news quickly broke out in the neighbourhood; after listening to this heartbreaking news, his teachers and teammates were devastated.

Rylan Ezman: Suffering from mental issues

Rylan had a very good player in Hockey, but he also struggled with some personal issues. Reportedly struggled with anxiety and sadness, these led to some adverse effects on his performance at school and home.

Rylan Ezman


His parents also had unusual behaviour changes in him; he became more disturbed and introverted in the last few months.

Social Media Tributes :

MHS Hockey

loss of a wonderful teammate and friend. You will be forever remembered, Rylan.

Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever. ♥️

Jennifer Reinhart

Prayers being sent to Rylan’s family, friends and teammates from the Sheboygan hockey community!

Wisconsin Jr. Stars

It is with great sadness that the jr stars family has learned of the passing of one of our alumni. Taken much to soon and our hearts are broken. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this time of grieving. May you rest in peace and watch over us all.
RIP Rylan “ezzy” Ezman. You will be missed by so many 🙏❤️

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