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After Falling off a Coastal Bluff in Oregon and being Swept out to Sea, A California Hiker was Discovered Dead

California hiker died

According to state police, Henry Minh Hoang, 25, went “outside a safety barrier” soon before the fall.

What Happens to Hikers in California?

According to authorities, a California man died after falling off a high cliff in Oregon and being dragged out to sea. According to an Oregon State Police press release, Henry Minh Hoang, 25, of West Covina, California, “slip and fell roughly 20 feet to the edge of the lake” on Saturday while hiking at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve in Tillamook County. According to authorities, the victim walked “beyond a safety barrier” at a place known as “the punch bowl” on Monday. Hoang reportedly collapsed and lost consciousness before being “swept into the water by the waves.”

Police Assertion:

According to state police, the Californian man’s corpse was “in the bottom of a nearby cliff” by the sea more than 24 hours later. Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve, according to the Oregon State Parks website, has “one of the greatest vistas on the coast for observing the ocean’s might,” which visitors may access by ascending a “steep” and “towering” dune. Visitors must stay behind the fence for their protection.

According to a press release on Monday, the state police were assisted in their search for Hoang by the Nestucca Fire Department and the US Coast Guard. After starting on Saturday evening, the search was briefly put on hold until Sunday so that “searchers could safely restart their operations,” according to authorities. Hoang’s body was later found and brought to a nearby funeral home.

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