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Linda Strait Murder, Details of Arbie Williams Now

Linda Strait

Linda Strait was the story of the brutal murder and rape case of a 15-year-old girl in Washington in September 1982. The family members had to wait for more than two decades to find the exact person related to the crime, as advanced forensic technology was to be used to find the person behind the crimes that directly happened. The case started in September 1982 when the girl did not return to her home on the 27th of September. As she went to take local groceries from the area, that was the last time she was seen alive apart from that, there was no information available for the police officer related to her.

Linda Strait Details


Linda Strait Details

Linda Strait was a common lively young girl born on the 5th of November 1966. When she was 15 years old in September 1982, she was a student at the Linwood school and was very much loved by her family members, friends and teachers. Her dead body was found on the 28 of September 1982, and that was the situation when the police officers were directly involved in the matter and stated the exact details about the matter and the condition in which she had been recovered was something which software the police officers as she was raped and then dump in that location and she also died there.

Linda Strait Murder


The murder of Linda Strait

Linda Strait went on to take groceries from the local Store on the 27th of September 1982, and that was the last time any other person spotted her as that was the last time she was spotted. Later on, she was found by the police officers in a local forest area, and that caused a lot of problems for the police officers to find the exact information about the matter. The murder happened in 1982, and it took nearly two decades for the authorities to find the killer as a proper forensic report was found in 2003 that directly stated the exact person who was related to the entire crime.

Linda Strait Killer


Killer of Linda Strait

Arbie Williams was arrested by the police officers for rape charges eight months after the case happened, but he was not arrested for the case of Linda but for other girls home raped, which was why he was arrested. He was also entered for the rape case of Linda, but he directly denied it. Later on, in 2003, when the proper forensic report had been recovered, there was a situation when the authorities found Williams to be guilty of the crimes. In the recent television series where the documentary has been shown, it is stated how he faked the police officers very easily and got escaped from a bigger punishment.

Arbie Willams


Where is Arbie Williams now?

Arbie Williams has directly pleaded to be guilty to the authorities. He has also stated that if he could get the death penalty, he would have happily taken that because he is not very happy with whatever is happening. As he has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, there are chances that he will not survive the 20 years and will die inside the prison itself. The crimes he committed in his entire lifetime were brutal, and he was also very sad when he beaded in front of the authorities by stating that he was also sad about what was happening in his life.

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