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How did Glen Lockett Die? SST Record Producer Is No More

Glen Lockett Die

Glen “SPOT” Lockett, producer/engineer of legendary SST albums, passes away at 71. Look at Glen “SPOT” Lockett’s Cause of Death and How He Died for SST Records.

How did Glen Lockett Die?

On March 4, 2023, at 71, Glenn Lockett, better known by his stage name Spot, passed away. In Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s Morningside Healthcare, he was pronounced dead.

We regret that Glen “SPOT” Lockett has passed away. People thought Glen “SPOT” Lockett had a pleasant disposition. Given the recent news, many people undoubtedly want to know Glen “SPOT” Lockett’s cause of death. Joe Carducci, a former label co-owner, claimed that he had to postpone a photography exhibition in late 2021 when he realised his fibrosis was starting to affect lung function. He had been using oxygen ever since and was awaiting a lung transplant, but three months ago, he was admitted to the hospital following a stroke. When he awoke, he felt fine but soon showed no pulse, and attempts to revive him repeatedly failed. Unfortunately, on March 4, 2023, Glen “SPOT” Lockett passed away.

Who is Glen “SPOT” Lockett?

Record producer Glenn Michael Lockett, also known as Spot, was an American. While working as the house producer and engineer at the renowned independent punk label SST Records, he played a significant role in developing his reputation as a top-tier music producer. He was raised in an affluent area of Hollywood with his older sister Cynthia. Lockett moved to Hermosa Beach from Hollywood in the middle of the 1970s, where he worked at Garden of Eden, a restaurant that served vegetarian food, and there he met Greg Ginn. Lockett also contributed record reviews to Easy Reader as a free-lance writer using the alias Spot. While Spot played bass for Panic, a band that would later change its name to Black Flag, Ginn and Spot were friends.

Jazz was one of Spot’s first loves. In a conversation with Red Bull Music Academy, he stated. I grew up listening to post-bebop jazz. “In the 1950s, I used to attend family barbecues where Thelonious Monk and other similar music would be playing. “. “I was really taken with a lot of what I guess you would call progressive rock. That entire concept album era, when jazz fusion first began before it devolved into utter nonsense. “.

Glen “SPOT” Lockett is Remembered:

Many people expressed how much they loved him and how deeply they felt for his family. His supporters and fans are upset by the news of this incident. We just lost my old friend Spotski, a terrible blow, tweeted Mike Watt of the Minutemen fame. I have a long history with this man because he recorded the first material by the Minutemen. When Spotski visited our Pedro town six years ago, brother Matt took this picture. Man, what a terrible blow. You have my undying love, Spotski. In a tweet, Michael said. ‘RIP, Spot. He produced classic albums by bands like Black Flag, Minutemen, Hüsker Dü, Descendents, Meat Puppets, and the Misfits. He was also very talented as a musician, photographer, and critic. And above all, he was adored by many people. “.


The family will announce the funeral arrangements for Glen “SPOT” Lockett. Losing a loved one is one of the most terrible experiences anyone can have. Any journey must end somewhere. Unfortunately, the individual’s time on earth has ended as they pass away. We wish him eternal peace and send our condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. His peace be with him.

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