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Hermiston resident Gorgonio Reyes Barrera dies in Columbia River

Hermiston resident Gorgonio Reyes Barrera dies in Columbia River
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Hermiston resident Gorgonio Reyes Barrera, Oregon, died on March 4 while driving his car, which crashed through a guardrail and upside down into the Columbia River.

What Happened Gorgonio Reyes Barrera?

According to the state police at Hermiston, Oregon, the man was driving when his car crashed through the guardrail. Due to this crash, his car went down the river’s embankment. The driver was a Hermiston resident, Gorgonio Reyes Barrera, who was 31 years old at his death. He was speeding to the west on Interstate 84 around the Corbett viewpoint.

He crashed into the railing in Multnomah County at milepost 23. It was around 7:15 AM when this happened. He was driving a Mercury Cougar when he crashed and went down the 150-foot embankment into the Columbia River on Saturday. The crash happened around Rooster Rock State Park, according to the police.

Gorgonio Reyes Barrera Cause of death

According to the police investigation, he drowned after sustaining injuries during the crash into the Columbian River. He was located by the accident’s first responders, who then removed him from the vehicle.

The police and the ambulance were called, and the first responders tried to save him by taking lifesaving measures, but he died on the scene despite all of that. The crash scene was investigated for about 5 hours for any foul play. The circumstances leading up to the crash are still under investigation, but police said that the car was traveling at a high rate of speed when it went over the edge.

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Impact on the community

The incident has shocked the community, and the family members and relatives are grieving the loss of their loved one. Gorgonio Reyes Barrera’s family is in shock and mourning his untimely death. The incident serves as a warning to drivers to drive carefully and pay attention to their surroundings. It is important to drive at a safe speed and always wears a seatbelt to avoid a tragedy like this one.

The Columbia River, over 1,200 miles long, is a popular destination for tourists and recreational activities. Local authorities warn drivers to know their speed when traveling in the area, as the river can be dangerous. The police urge all drivers to stay safe and drive responsibly, as speeding can have deadly consequences.