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Who Was Cephas Chimedza Wife Sharon? Cause Of Death And Obituary

Who Was Cephas Chimedza Wife Sharon
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Sharon Chimedza, Cephas Chimedza’s wife, has passed away. Cephas confirmed the death on March 3, 2023 via his Twitter account. In the tweet, the cause of Sharon’s death was not mentioned.

After the news of Sharon’s death, people were eager to find out who she was.

Who was Cephas Chimedza?

Cephas Chimedza is a well-recognized footballer from Zimbabwe who has devoted his 9 years of life as a sportsman and is continuing.

Cephas is Zimbabwe nation proud as in the year 2004, he was honoured with the title of soccer star of the year, which was a pride moment for him as well as the association. he also represented his team for the nationals in 2006 and he made the team proud by bringing the victory by 2-1 against, Ghana.

Cephas is known to represent and play for two very famous and important teams, CAPS United and Dynamos. Cephas is very fond of his family and loves them a lot. He says I earn hard to keep my family happy and out of problems.

Who Was Cephas Chimedza Wife Sharon?

The question about the identity of Cephas Chimedza’s wife, Sharon, is flowing all over the internet after her death. No specific profession of Sharon was revealed; the only fact about her is she too shared the experience of an athlete in her life is known so far.

Cephas Chimedza is quite private and has not shared much about his life and family on social sites. They together had 3 kids.

What happened to Cephas Chimedza’s wife, Sharon?

On the 3rd of march 2023, the famous footballer Cephas on his Twitter handle, shared the news of his wife Sharon’s death, which shook the entire social platforms.

Through a police official, Cephas learned of the death of his wife while he was away from the family.

He posted on Twitter, showing viewers his love sophisticatedly; he thanked Sharon for the 3 beautiful gifts and for being a perfect woman to him.

Cephas also shared that when he received the news of his wife’s death, he was waiting for the text message from her for hours, which made him think she might be busy, and then he got the call from an officer.

Cause of death of Cephas Chimedza’s wife?

There is no information available about the cause of death of Cephas Chimedza’s wife, as he does not share any news about it.

We should respect his privacy and give his family some space for mourning. He is in great grief and carrying the pain of his family’s sadness.

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