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What Happened to Dr. Cheeko? Obituary and Cause of Death for a Musician

Dr. Cheeko death

Benji Lopez, well known by his stage moniker Dr. Cheeko, was one of the most prominent performers on the Jersey Shore. Let’s look at how the musician died and Dr. Cheeko’s cause of death in further detail.

Dr. Cheeko

What Happened to Dr. Cheeko?

The great musician Dr. Cheeko died on March 3, 2023. On social media, Rat Rockers announced the musician’s death, Dr. Cheeko. Dr. Cheeko of Jersey Shore fame has died, and our hearts go out to his friends and family at this difficult time.

Dr. Cheeko, who was He?

Dr. Cheeko’s band plays R&B, country, and salsa music. For many years, he played for many clubs on the Jersey coast. His songs include I Don’t Want Know, Ella Me Vacila, The Biggest Part of Me, Mamma Saw Parade, Fire in D Hole, and The Tide Is High. Bungy On Fire, Careless Whispers, Sugar Bum Bum, Compadre Pedro Juan, O la la, Love me Love, and more songs are included. It’s common for Dr. Cheeko’s band to begin with Marvin Gaye and Jimmy Buffett before progressing to Earth, Wind, Fire and the Rolling Stones.

Dr. Cheeko Died as a Result of the Following Causes:

Dr. Cheeko died of cancer on Friday morning, March 3, 2023. His friends, fans, and employees have expressed profound sympathies on social media. Dr. Cheeko’s death sparked a rush of tributes on social media. He was a renowned musician who performed all of rock’s greatest classics. Cedrick Luces announced the tragic news.

Dr. Cheeko, a friend of almost 46 years, died today. He was instrumental in reintroducing me to music after a two-year hiatus in the early 1970s. He also connected me with Gigs on the Jersey Beaches, where I spent the next 12 summers. RIP, my other mother’s brother.

Dr.Cheeko: Wikipedia & Bio

He was a sweet spirit and a great human who was doing his best to bring joy to people’s life. He used to reside in Atlantic City in Miami and worked for numerous occupations with his father before beginning to work with small minute musicians. It’s heartbreaking to lose someone so close. We will be available to you at any time and at any hour.

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