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Pennsylvania Woman Recovered In Puerto Rico After 31 Years Of Being Missing

Patricia Kopta missing

Patricia Kopta, a lady from Ross discovered more than 30 years after going missing, was known colloquially as “The Sparrow” because of her petite frame and irregular movement. Her husband, Bob Kopta, pronounced his wife “dead” when she suddenly vanished in 1992. Now that his 82-year-old spouse has been located, he is relieved. The missing individual may have been discovered at a Puerto Rican elder care facility.

The Origins Of Patricia Kopta’s Nickname “The Sparrow.”

Patricia was known as The Sparrow because of her little physique, peculiar walk, and small stature. Her husband informed Post Gazette that she often travelled to several jobs in Pittsburgh and was a devout Christian who attended church daily and was devoted to her religion. Yet throughout their 20-year marriage, Bob saw his wife displaying odd behaviours.

Patricia’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic with time. She would ramble incoherently and assert that the “mother of God” had come to her and warned of an impending nuclear Armageddon. She allegedly lost her job as her mental health deteriorated. She advised attendees at huge concerts and sporting events to leave because “the world was going to end in three days.”

He Vanished in 1992.

In 1991 or 1992, Patricia allegedly had her wedding and engagement rings stolen by a gang of females. Due to her actions, she even had run-ins with the police. When her husband returned home in 1992 but couldn’t locate her, she went missing. He reported himself missing to the Ross Police Department, and the investigation dragged on for years.

Patricia even accused someone of stalking her in a letter to her husband. She was no longer with them. The psychic informed the police, and her “body was near to water.” She was accepted into an adult care facility in Puerto Rico in 1999. She refused to discuss her previous existence and said she had arrived on a European cruise ship.

She was Identified Via DNA Test.

A social worker contacted the police because she felt Patricia might be the lady at the elder care facility. Her identification was established after a nine-month forensic investigation. Deputy Chief Kohlhepp said, “We were able to locate a live sister and nephew here in the Pittsburgh region, and they also supplied cheek swab DNA samples.

While Patricia’s family is happy to find her alive, her mental and physical health is in poor shape. She is contemplating having her sister reside with her in Puerto Rico. When she vanished, her husband never got remarried. While they were together, they didn’t have any kids together.

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