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How did Rebecca Carlson die? The woman was murdered near the Grand Avenue area of Hempstead.

How did Rebecca Carlson die? The woman was murdered near the Grand Avenue area of Hempstead.
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The young woman of Hempstead, Rebecca Carlson, was murdered on Valentine’s Day while meeting her date, Andrew Avila.

Who was Rebecca Carlson?

Rebecca Carlson was a woman in her late 30s. She lived on Long Island in Hempstead, Nassau County.

The woman went in search of a perfect date for her Valentine. Instead, she found a person who eventually ended up murdering the woman.

The woman did not want to end up lonely this year without dates. Dating websites have helped many people in such times.

Rebecca tried her luck, and she found a man named Andrew Avila. Later in the night, she was found dead by the people living in the area around Grand Avenue in Hempstead.

Rebecca Carlson’s Cause of death

Rebecca Carlson died at the age of 39 on February 14, 2023. The woman was brutally murdered.

The body was found near the dumpster behind Advance Auto Parts. The incident happened near 1140 Grand Avenue. The police were informed about the body at 7:40 a.m.

The investigation led to the arrest of a man named Andrew D. Avila. The man knew Rebecca through a dating website.

Both decided to meet on Valentine’s Day and eventually engage in intimacy and intercourse. The police are interrogating Andrew to find the real reason behind this murder.

The Nassau County medical examiner has announced her death’s cause as a homicide. Andrew was also arrested before by the police in March 2022.

He has also been charged with brutal second-degree murder. He is also being taken to the first district court in Hempstead.

Rebecca Carlson Obituary

The woman left the world at a young age. She would have never expected such events to happen to her on that day.

She lost her life without reason. Rebecca’s close friends and family are missing her and mourning her death.

The woman was not close to many people. The people of Hempstead are very scared since such events occurred in the town.

The Nassau County police are also involved in the detailed investigation and are trying to bring justice to Rebecca. People have also started to fight against the murder of Rebecca.

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