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The Santa Rosa School is blamed for a deadly stabbing on campus

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa School
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Jess Pienta, a 16-year-old student from Montgomery High School, was killed in the stabbing identified by authorities. Campus memorial held for messages of lovers for Pienta.

Also, a message was posted by Montgomery High’s school to support for victim’s family on their official Instagram page.

The information was shared on the Instagram page, and informed that school was called off till Monday.

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa School

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Both our campus and Church of the Roses will be open Thursday, 3/2, from 9 until 2 with meals, mental health supports and activities for any students or staff who want to come. Please reach out and dm us if anyone needs anything. No school til Monday

After the incident, the classes were cancelled till Monday at Montgomery High School. Jess Pienta died in the stabbing, while another teen boy was taken to Hospital after serious wounds.

In the suspicion of homicide, a 15 years old boy was taken into police custody. He took the pistol on the school campus and tried homicide in the school, as told by the Santa Rosa police.

Now many questions remain in the case, and police are trying to find the reasons behind the precipitated at the fight. John Cregan said in a statement that the student had been involved in many fights in the last few days.

A Local news agency pressdemo also posts on their official Instagram page to update about the situation :

A Santa Rosa church held a prayer vigil outside Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa Thursday morning, a day after a student was killed in a stabbing there.

Authorities identified Jayden Jess Pienta, 16, of Santa Rosa, as the boy killed Wednesday after bursting into a classroom with another boy and starting a fight with a 15-year-old freshman.

A statement released by Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools: Amie Carter

Wednesday was the day that every parent, every child, every teacher, and every school administrator dreaded. A young man went to Montgomery High School and never came home because of a senseless, shocking act of violence that played out in full view of students.

As a community, our hearts are broken. The agony of this unexpected loss defies the imagination. I send my deepest condolences to the teen’s family, friends, and classmates.

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa School

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This is a time to hug our children and bring them close while giving them a space to grieve. My office works with our Santa Rosa City Schools partners to provide behavioural health and other support to the students, families, and school staff affected by this horrific killing. We will do everything possible to help them in the days, weeks, and months.

No child should return home from school with one fewer classmate or one fewer friend, and it is our job as a community to make sure we are leaning in and supporting our young people.

We will also engage in dialogue with Santa Rosa City Schools, law enforcement, and our other school districts to ensure we do everything we can to improve student safety. Still, our focus today is on those most directly impacted by these terrible events.

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