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Monique Oliver, Details of the wife of the Serial killer

Monique Oliver

Monique Oliver is related to the recent Netflix television series. She is any imaginable character that got deep into the dark, twisted human nature of her husband, who was directly related to killing young girls for 15 years of his life. Michel Fourniret was a serial killer with a specific focus for 15 years on killing young girls. Later, when he was 45 years old, he was arrested by police officers and was taken to prison, and his wife has been alone since ten after she understood the alone which she has to go without her husband.

Who is Monique Oliver


Who is Monique Oliver?

Monique Oliver is the wife of the famous well-known serial killer Michel who has been arrested by the police officers and is under the custody of the police officer after he violated and killed young girls for 15 years and was convicted in 1987. Oliver received a divorce from her husband in 1987 when she was a murderer of two children, and that was when she had contact with her husband when he was supposed to be going under custody. She has also come to that she always understood her husband and went on to stand in the trial in 2000 and 8 with her husband, and she also insisted that she was scared of her husband.

Monique Oliver now


Where is Monique Oliver now?

Monique Oliver went to the trial of her husband in 2008. Still, after that, there have been no details available about where she is and in what condition she might be the children she had have also grown up now. It is expected that all three of them are eligible to stay together as her husband is in prison, spending his time. There have not been any details available about in what location she is staying, or any other details about in what condition she might be the only available details are that the children went on to have custody with their mother. There were no details apart from that being provided related to the children.

Monique Oliver Details


Details related to Monique Oliver

Monique Oliver was a very good wife and always understood her husband’s motives in the situation. When her husband was directly revealed to be a false individual and a serial killer, it was something that caused a very difficult thing for her to accept as she stated that she did not know her husband was going through such a bad phase in his life. Wish you also went to visit her husband after he was arrested, and after the child in 2019 8, she went on to visit that trial and stay treated. She always wanted to take her close to her husband no matter how badly he behaved towards her.

Essential details


Essential details related to the serial killer

Michel Fourniret was not that a bad personality by birth as during the initial days of his life, he event on to have a very successful life and career and went on to became a bad personality in the situation when things became difficult in his life and killed a lot of young girls in the 15 years of his life as a serial killer. The overall models which took place were something that caused a very bad thing in his entire life, which caused him to become that bad personality. When he was arrested, the police officers were very sure, and there were high chances of him going to prison forever as there were no chances for his survival anyhow.

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