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Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case Explained: What Happened to her?

Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case

As soon as April, the man accused of being an accessory to Kiesha Abrahams’ murder could be set free. In addition to being an accessory to the murder of the six-year-old girl, Robert Smith is serving a maximum 16-year sentence.

What Happened?

Smith’s then-girlfriend and Keisha’s mother, Kristi Abrahams, were found guilty of Keisha’s murder. 2013 saw the couple’s joint incarceration. Robert Smith and Kristi Abrahams received sentences of 12 and 16 years in prison, respectively. After a meeting on February 17 where the NSW State Parole Authority “formed an intention to grant parole,” Smith will be qualified for release on parole as of April 21.

When choosing, the Serious Offenders Review Council and Community Corrections reports and professional recommendations were considered. According to the SPA, the State Parole Authority will hold a public review hearing on April 4, 2023, in which the prisoner Robert Smith will appear. “At this time, the SPA may be given submissions from the State and the victim’s family for review before a parole decision. “. After Kiesha’s mother knocked her unconscious for refusing to put on her pyjamas in 2010, the couple tried to hide her death.

Kiesha Abrahams, age 6, is shown in an undated copy photograph. She vanished on January 8, 2010, from her Mount Druitt, western Sydney, home. The Mount Druitt region is the subject of a thorough police search. The front door was found to be unlocked, but it is unknown if she wandered off by herself. Polair has been requested to assist Mount Druitt police, who are searching the neighbourhood with the help of the Police Dog Unit. Kiesha, a six-year-old, was killed by her mother after she resisted putting on her pyjamas. Kiesha was later placed to sleep, where she passed away.

Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case Explained:

After that, Abrahams and Smith kept her body hidden in a suitcase for a few days before transporting it to some bushland in Sydney’s western suburbs. Before being buried in a small grave dug with a hammer, she has doused gasoline, set ablaze, and covered in gasoline. After the public was alerted to Kiesha’s disappearance by Abrahams, the couple made an emotional appeal to them, which prompted extensive searches of Sydney’s western suburbs. Eight months later, after a lengthy murder investigation was launched due to suspicions surrounding the couple’s story, police finally apprehended them. Abrahams received a minimum 16-year sentence, and Smith received a minimum 12-year sentence.

The SPA stated, “A final parole decision will only be made once the Authority considers all the information available before it, including any Submissions that may be made at the review hearing. During Smith’s public hearing on April 4, the SPA will take comments from Kiesha’s family and the state government before making a decision.

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