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How did Andres Vasquez Lasso die? Accused of Murdering Chicago Police Officer Andres Vasquez

How did Andres Vasquez Lasso die? Accused of Murdering Chicago Police Officer Andres Vasquez
CBS News

Andres Vasquez Lasso was shot many times by a teenager in Chicago on Wednesday evening. Andres, by helping the woman, has set an example of courage and selflessness for the recruits of the CPD.

Who was Andres Vasquez Lasso?

Andres Lasso was 32 years old. The man was a police officer in the CPD. The officer had already worked with the department for five years.

Andres belonged to Colombia, as his family lived there. He also had a wife. The Chicago police department has made significant efforts to inform the family of their renowned officer’s death.

The Chicago police superintendent mentioned in the media the bravery of his officers. He also added that the police are a family that serves the general public.

He also appreciated the immense bravery displayed by Andres, as he said that the officer died while saving the people of Chicago.

Andres Vasquez Lasso Cause of death

Andres Vasquez Lasso was a person who worked in the Chicago police department as an officer. The man was killed on March 1, 2023, at 4:45 p.m. in a brutal shootout by a teenager named Steven Montano.

The boy murdered the officer at just 18 years of age. The fatal shootout occurred near the city’s Gage Park. A woman contacted the Chicago police department.

The woman asked for help as a man followed her, making her uncomfortable. That man was Steven. Andres continued to help the woman, but he was shot multiple times on the spot. Steven shot many bullets into Andres.

Though the officer even fired some bullets into Steven. Both were carried to the hospital in a very critical state. But Andres could not survive such an attack and died in the hospital.

The autopsy reports have made it clear that Andrés died from homicide. The police have been investigating the neighborhood for more information.

They are also waiting for Steven to recover, as the teenager has already been involved in gun possession arrests.

Andres Vasquez Obituary

The young Andres lost his life in the tragic incident. His brave-heart and the fearlessness he showed on the spot would be inspiring for many people who join the Chicago police in the future.

The man lived a short life but left some great, heroic memories for his department and his family.

The police are trying to contact the family of Andres. The family has not yet been informed of the tragic news. The man will be forever remembered by his family and friends.

The Chicago police superintendent also appreciated Andres’s dedication and selflessness towards his job. The whole department mourns his death.

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