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Ricou Browning Passed Away – Cause Of death Explained

Ricou Browning Passed Away
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American Actor Director Ricou Browning passed away at 93 on Monday, 27th Feb. He took his last breath at his residence in Florida. Ricou Browning’s death news was confirmed by his daughter Kim Browning. She shared the details with “The Hollywood Reporter.”

Ricou Browning Cause Of Death

Actor Director Ricou Browning died on Monday at his home, which is located in Southwest Ranches, Florida. According to the sources, Mr. Browining’s death was very natural. His son Ricou Browning Jr. also clarified the same.

Ricou Browning Career

Mr. Browinig started his career at the age of 23. Suddenly, he got the role of Gill-Man in the movie “Creature from Back Lagoon”(1954). He was serving as a lifeguard at Wakulla Springs in Florida. At that time, he was assigned as a guide to the “Creature from Black Lagoon” movie crew to show around the area. During that time, he showed some of his underwater skills. The filmmaker was impressed with his underwater moves and offered him the role of Gill-man. 

After the surprising start Actor, he did various roles. He was featured in Revenge of the Creature(1955), The Creature walks among us(1956), and a TV Show called Sea Hunt(1958), etc.

Ricou Browning even assisted in a few movies and TV Shows like The Acuanauts (1960-1961), Thunderball (1965), Around the world under the sea(1966), and Island of the lost(1967). He assisted in underwater sequences as well as he did underwater photography for films.

Mr. Browining directed TV Shows Flipper(1964-1965) and Gentle Ben (1967-1969). Hello Down there(1967), Salty(1973), Amazing Mr. No. Legs(1978) and some others. This versatile man also produced TV Shows like Flipper and Off to See the Wizard, then produced the movie Flipper and Flipper’s(1963) New Adventures(1964).

Ricow had a tremendous journey in American Film Industry. His aquatic skills had a major impact on his career. Mr. Browning played various roles in the American Film industry as an actor, stuntman, supporting cast, assistant director, Director, Writer, and Producer. The actor is still remembered as Gill-man from “Creature From Black Lagoon.”

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Tribute to Ricow Browning

His daughter claimed, “He had a fabulous career in the film industry, providing wonderful entertainment for past and future generations.” Whole American Film Industry and Fans paying tribute to the talented Mr. Ricou Browning.