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Did Pelayo Novo Commit Suicide After His Depresion Caused His Sad Death? Update on Hotel Accident

Pelayo Novo Die

Pelayo Novo, a former Spanish footballer, passed away after being struck by a train five years after his life was forever altered by a horrifying fall from a hotel.

Did Pelayo Novo Commit Suicidio Before His Tragic Death As A Result Of Depression?

On 28 February 2023, Pelayo Novo, a football player from Oviedo, Spain, died. He reportedly perished after being run over by a train on the Renfe line. His corpse was discovered completely crushed and in worse shape. Because he had several mental health concerns, many people think it was a suicide case. Novo said in an interview that his medical issue had caused him to experience depression for over eight months. But, the sources have not yet disclosed the cause of his passing; an autopsy must be made public for further excellent reasons.

The National Police visited the accident location for more research while the player received urgent medical assistance. Nevertheless, many of his supporters think he committed suicide; additional details may emerge following the investigation. Iciar López and the footballer were only wed for eight months, but they were content with their union and had no problems. True Oviedo posted the sad news of his passing along with the caption, “Heartbroken. We greatly regret the loss of Pelayo Novo, the leader of our Foundation. We stand behind you, your family and your friends. Peace be with you, Pelayo.”

Hotel Update for Pelayo Novo Accidente (Accident):

In March 2018, Novo had a minor accident (accident). As a member of the Albacete squad, he was at the Abba hotel in Huesca when he fell from the third story. He had to use crutches for the rest of his life due to severe spinal cord damage, forcing him to quit playing football.

Novo experienced many difficulties after his injury and wasn’t sure what he would do if football could no longer be a part of his life. When Novo was forced to choose a new professional route, he eventually settled on wheelchair tennis. The player rose to the top of Spain’s men’s national rating as one of the most important players. He served as an example for many persons with disabilities.

After that, he joined the Asturian Tennis Federation’s board of directors and was an ambassador for the Real Oviedo Foundation. Novo continued to thrive in sports despite being unable to walk, and he was just as talented at tennis as he was at football.

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