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Red Tide Naples Alert at the Beach of Florida

Red Tide Naples Alert at the Beach of Florida
Image Source - Marco Island

A warning for Red Tide Naples beach has been issued in Florida. Red tide can cause a lot of potential damage.

What is red tide (Red Algal Bloom)

Red Tides are harmful algal Blooms. This occurs when the red algae reach a concentration more than normal.

The algae produce toxins that kill the fish and make them poisonous, making it dangerous to eat them. However, the red Tide can also be cleared with the help of clay flocculation.

In this process, small clay particles are sprayed on the seawater, which combines with the red tide algae making them heavier because of which it gets settled at the bottom of the sea.

If one gets in contact with the tide, one can suffer from nose and eye irritation. The symptoms are temporary and fade once the person moves from the area of the algal bloom.

Red Tide effects at Naples Beach in Florida

Several Algal Blooms have taken place and spread across Southwest Florida, clogging the sea surface with the dead bodies of fish.

The tide is harmful to both marine and human life. People residing near southwest Florida have been warned about the toxins in the water due to the red algae.

There is a sudden decrease in the availability of freshwater. The Department of Health in Collier had made high alert warnings for several regions like Naples, Pier, Seagate, and Barefoot Beach State Preserve.

The city crew, on 24th February, picked up all the dead fish that got washed up on the shore because of the high toxins.

The people near the shore have shown symptoms such as coughing as they got close to the water body.

Precaution to follow.

The Health Department in Florida has advised people to follow some precautions: They were told not to swim in the water and not to consume molluscs like clams, oysters, or even the dead fishes on the shore.

It was told that it is safe to eat a live fish until and unless its gut is removed.

If one gets exposed to the water, they have to make sure that they wash their clothes and take a bath once they get home.

People were also advised to wear masks, keep their windows closed, and maintain their AC filters.

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