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Linda Kasabian, a member of the Manson family cult, died, Cause of Death

Linda Kasabian, a member of the Manson family cult, died, Cause of Death
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Linda Kasabian was a notorious Manson Family cult member and served as their lookout and getaway driver during their gruesome murder spree in Los Angeles.

Who was Linda Kasabian?

Kasabian was born and raised in the New England town of Milford, New Hampshire.

As a child, her parents did not get along, and because of this, her father eventually left, after which her mother remarried Jake Byrd.

Kasabian and her stepfather often did not get along. Because of this, she ran away.

When she was 16 years old, she married Robert Peasley but eventually divorced him, after which she moved to Boston, remarried, and gave birth to her daughter in 1968, but eventually left him and moved back to LA to her mother.

Eventually, she met Catherine Share through Melton, a friend of her ex-husband, whom she had made amends with before he left her.

She told her about this idyllic ranch, which she described as a paradise.

Ms. Kasabian was 20 when she joined the Manson Family cult. She found solace in the community of misfits and drifters.

Like the other young girls in the cult, she was captivated by Charles Manson’s wild-eyed Charisma.

Linda Kasabian Cause of Death

Linda Kasabian died at the age of 73 in Washington state. According to reports, she died in a hospital in Tacoma on January 21, 2023.

The cause of death was not disclosed. During her death, she went on by the name, Linda Chiochios, to protect her identity.

The Manson Family Cult

An infamous group called the Manson Family Cult operated in California in the late 1960s. Led by their notorious leader, Charles Manson, the cult was responsible for a series of brutal murders which shocked the nation.

Charles Manson started recruiting people from San Francisco’s drug and counterculture scenes in the Manson Family’s founding in 1967.

He was referred to as a compelling and charismatic leader who could draw in a loyal following.

The Manson Family lived in a community in the hills of California, where they were brainwashed into Manson’s ideology. 

Manson claimed that the murders of wealthy white people would start a racial war, which the cult held as a belief.

Eventually, the Manson Family was captured and convicted of the murders.

Charles Manson and a few of his supporters were found guilty of numerous murders and were given life sentences.

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