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What is Chester Borrows Cause of Death? A Former Whanganui Representative, Passed Away

Chester Borrows Cause of Death

At 65, Chester Borrows, a former Whanganui representative, passed away. Let’s look at Chester Borrows’s death and other pertinent details.

What is Chester Borrows Cause of Death?

He was diagnosed with head and neck squamous-cell cancer in February 2023, and his condition had gotten worse, according to a Facebook post by Borrows’ daughter. On February 27, he passed away in Hwera at 65. Borrows worked in the justice system for 45 years as a parole board member, attorney, and police officer. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly appreciative I am and the rest of the family for the thoughtful, funny, and encouraging messages we have received over the past few days. His family gathered around him as he passed away, laughing and joking. He must have laughed along with us; we’re sure of it. Raise our boy a glass of wine or whiskey and watch The Gambler if you can, please. In his South Taranaki home, surrounded by his family, Borrows, 65, passed away on Monday morning following a battle with cancer. His head and neck squamous cell cancer was terminal, and he was receiving treatment for it. Chester Borrows, a former MP, police officer, attorney, and archdeacon, is mourned and admired by the Taranaki community.

Who was Chester Borrows?

On June 20, 1957, Kerry James “Chester” Borrows, QSO, was born. He was a New Zealand National Party official who held the Member of Parliament (MP) position for New Zealand from 2005 to 2017. Chester held a police position, including that of sole charge, and was awarded a Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct for his efforts to apprehend an armed murderer.

His education at Nayland College followed his upbringing in Nelson. Before taking on the role of Patea’s sole charge officer, Borrows joined the New Zealand Police and worked in Nelson, Wellington, and Auckland. He was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct in 1978 while serving as a police constable for his efforts to apprehend an armed murderer. Borrows earned a Bachelor of Laws from Victoria University of Wellington in 2002 and was admitted to the bar. Later, in Hwera, he practised law. He first ran for office in 1999 and was elected in 2005. Borrows served as Deputy Speaker and a Minister outside Cabinet for three years. He chose not to run for office in 2017. In charge of assisting with the criminal justice system reform in New Zealand, Borrows led the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group. He was also an archdeacon in the Anglican Church. Borrows assert that “all relationships should be recognised in precisely the same way. Whether they are long-term de facto relationships between hetero$exual couples or gay couples, hetero$exual weddings, civil unions, or long-term de facto relationships between hetero$exual couples or gay couples,” he said in a speech to Parliament.

Social Media Sympathies:

Kimberley Anderson posted such tragic news. He and I collaborated on a course a few years ago, and I was happy to get to know him. He made a special effort to obtain pamphlets about the region for me, and he then urged us to go there when our family vacation arrived. He was a wonderful, kind, and wise man. Oh, that is unfortunate news, wrote Sarah Morris. Even though I didn’t know him, I enjoyed hearing his opinions. He struck me as funny, warm, and intelligent. What a well-lived life of service.

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