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Officials share timeline of events leading to Jalen Williams’ death in Livingston

Jalen Williams
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Jalen William’s death news was seen on different media channels a few days ago. A nineteen years old man named Jalen Williams was found dead in Livingston. Many people are curious about the details asking if he is a basketball player.

What happened in the case of Jalen Williams :

Nowadays, social media platforms have become where news is shared faster than any other. A few days ago, a 19-year-old boy named Jalen William made the news on social media.

Many people want to know if the American basketball player Jalen Williams is the same or if both are different. So we’ll find that Jalen, the professional basketball player is totally well and still alive.

Jalen Williams

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American basketball player Jalen Williams is a professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Jalen Williams is part of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.

Jalen Williams Death: Does an Oklahoma City Thunder player die?

The news of Jalen Williams is going viral all over the internet, and it’s taking people’s attention, many of them thinking that he is the famous basketball player from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now one thing is clear the famous basketball player is doing very well in his life and living a healthy life, and he is not who died on February 10.

While a 19-year-old boy as found dead after two weeks after missing. His name was Jalen Williams, and his body was found in Livingston. As per the latest reports, the investigation is ongoing.

According to the police, there is no proof of foul play. But the family members of Jalen found this whole story sceptical.

Jalen William: Cause of Death

Nineteen years teen boyd found dead, and this mysterious death shocked the people. Livingston Police Department continues the investigation regarding the case.

Jalen Williams

Source : Facebook

The teen boy lost his life at a very early age. According to some other sources, he died due to Hypothermia. Some witnesses said that he had some psychotic problems.

His mother also confirmed that he had heart issues when he was diagnosed in 2021. She also doubted her son might have died due to hypothermia.

Netizens’ reaction to the incident :

Tina Kilborn

Glad his family is getting close to getting some answers! 🙏🏼 My heart goes out to them! ❤️

Likesha Williams

Yes, this is sad as how he walked 3.5 miles barefoot, with no scratches or nuns on the bottom of his feet, but his arms and face are scratched up. I hope they get justice !! I’m tired of the treatment black people get for its unfathomable.

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