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Whos Is Gordon Pinsent Wife? ‘Away From Her’ Acotr Dies at 92

Gordon Pinsent
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Famous Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent passed away at the age of 92. He was acclaimed for his excellent performance in the movie “Away” from her” for”playing a heartbroken husband. We’llWe’llk out all the details about the actor in this article.

Gordon Pinsent: Know more about him

Grand Falls, Newfoundland was where Pinsent was born; he began his career in acting in his late teens. He was known for his deep baritone voice, and later, he worked for the CBC in radio drama.

He started his career on the radio. Eventually, he entered the movies and television.

Gordon Pinsent

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He also served in Candian Army in the 1950s era. After returning from Canadian Army, he started working in acting and Joined some children’s shows, including CBC’s “The Forest Rangers”.

He worked not only in children’s shows but later appeared in some top shows like “The Red Green Show”.

According to Pinsent’s family members, he passed away in his sleep last Saturday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also made a Tweet to remember the actor; he wrote in the tweet:

Gordon Pinsent was one of Canada’s mosCanada’s actors. He was passionate, captivating and endlessly talented.

Pinsent worked in versatile roles as an actor in movies and television; he also worked on radio. For the film “Away From Her”, he “eceived the A”academy of Canadian Television and Cinema’s Genie AwarCinema’sst actor.

He played the lead role in this iconic movie. In the film, he lost his wife to Alzheimer’s and another man.

Charmion King: Wife of Gordon Pinsent

Charmion king was the name of Pinsent’s wife, who died iPinsent’s7. His wife died after a long battle with emphysema.

Interestingly,s wife suggested he take the “Away From Her” role. Later he won”the too many “wards for his excellent performance, including three Genie Awards.

Gordon Pinsent


Julie Christie also worked in the movie with Pinsent while Canadian movie director Sarah Polley directed the movie. The film was released in the theatres in 2007 while premiering at some film festivals in 2006.

“Away From Her,” director says “in the tweet “bout Gordon :

Gordon had an enormous capacity for joy in absolutely everything he did. It was infectious and educational. There wasn’t a moment without a twwasn’tof mischief and a determination to enjoy the moment.

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