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Quintana-Lujan is Who He is. A Man was Detained After He Crashed his Vehicle into a Group of Bicyclists, Killing Two and Injuring Eleven

Who is Quintana-Lujan

Authorities in Arizona report that a man who allegedly crashed a pickup vehicle into a group of bicyclists, killing two people and injuring 11, has been arrested on counts of manslaughter and assault.

According to Goodyear Police, the collision occurred Saturday when a vehicle driven by Pedro Quintana-Lujan collided with cyclists on the Cotton Lane Bridge in Goodyear, some 28 miles west of Phoenix. According to authorities, two cyclists were killed, one had life-threatening injuries, and numerous others were gravely injured.

One of the victims, whose identity has not been made public, was a resident of Goodyear, while the other was a visitor from another state, according to the police.

Quintana-Lujan is Who He is:

Quintana Lujan is 26. He was accused of endangering others, two counts of grave bodily injury or death by moving violation, three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of manslaughter, and 18 counts of endangering others.

According to Maricopa County jail records, he was detained on a $250,000 bail and had a court hearing on March 3.

Statement from the Police:

“The Goodyear Police Department is very saddened by this tragedy and sends sympathies to the loved ones of the victims as well as the cycling community and the community as a whole,” stated the department.

According to authorities, the victims were part of a big group of cyclists going along the bridge when they were hit. One woman passed away immediately, while another died after being brought to a neighbouring hospital.

According to officers, one of the victims was a resident, while the other was an out-of-town tourist. Some were critically hurt. Quintana-Lujan reportedly struck the riders and stayed on the scene.

The reason why the motorist drove into the bikers is unknown. “These are folks who are finding a way to be healthy and go out with friends, and suddenly there are people who aren’t returning home,” said John Hogen, vice president of the Rob Dollar Foundation.

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