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How did Ans Westra die? Death of the pioneering photographer Ans Westra

How did Ans Westra die? Death of the pioneering photographer Ans Westra
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Anna Jacobs, also known as Ans Westra, is a Dutch photographer and artist. She known for her photographs of the Dutch landscape and the people who inhabit it. 

Who is  Ans Westra?

Born on 28 April 1936 in Leiden, Netherlands, she is best known for documenting the rapidly changing social, cultural, and environmental landscapes of her homeland, New Zealand, and the Pacific. She was 86 years old.

Her work is highly acclaimed and has been exhibited in major galleries and museums worldwide.

Ans Westra Cause of death

Photographer Ans Westra died on Sunday, 26 February 2023, at 86. She passed away in her home in Wellington, as was confirmed by the Art Gallery. She passed away due to her old age.

How did Ans Westra die? Death of the pioneering photographer Ans Westra

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Her career and accomplishments throughout the years

Ans Westra had been into photography since the very beginning. She started photography as a hobby in the 1950s when she got inspired by New York’s Museum of Modern Art landmark touring exhibition, The Family Man. 

During this time, she produced a range of publications, including books and exhibitions, as well as a lot of black and white negatives. Her works were influential in the development of New Zealand photography.

In the 1960s, her first photographs were published on the two covers of Te Ao Hou, after which, in 1962, she started working as a full-time freelance photographer. 

In 1964, her photographs caught national attention mainly because the government claimed that they portrayed the stereotypes of Māori living in underprivileged circumstances. Because of which it was withdrawn from the washday at the Pa school Bulletin publication.

It was her first obstacle, but it wasn’t the last. But this didn’t stop her from continuing her passion.

She was awarded numerous awards for her contribution to photography, including the Companion of the Order of New Zealand Merit in 1998.

Her modus Operandi (way of work)

Most of her works included the daily lives of the rural area people in Māori. She would capture the warmth of family life and the innocence and happy existence of the children.

Her photographs had a humanist touch to each aspect. She always looked to capture the right moments that would never be forgotten. 

She always tried to interact with the scene as little as she could to capture the most natural interactions between people.

In that way, people would mostly forget about her existence and be involved in their interactions and communications.

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