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The Football World Has Lost a Legendary Voice John Motson has Died

The Football World Has Lost a Legendary Voice John Motson has Died
Image Source - The Mirror

Former BBC commentator John Motson, known as Motty. He died at 77.

Who was John Motson?

John Motson was a British football commentator born in Salford, England, on July 10, 1945.

He was one of the best and most beloved commentators in the football community.

The legend observed the game so keenly that just listening to his commentary made one feel that they were sitting in the stadium.

The commentator’s career spanned over 50 years in the football community. In 1968, he began working as a radio sports reporter for the BBC.

He was promoted and started commentating on the match of the day. The show was considered one of the most premium football highlight programs. The legend worked with the BBC for his whole career.

Motson commented on many important matches. He commented on 10 European championships, 29 FA Cups, and even 10 World Cups in his career. He was considered the encyclopedia of football players.

He knew every player’s movement and the statistics. He also had a unique voice. The voice of football was last heard on the match of the day in 2018 during the match between Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion.

The Football World Has Lost a Legendary Voice John Motson has Died

Image Source – Eurogamer

John Motson’s cause of death

John Motson, the voice of football, died on Thursday, February 23, 2023. The legend lived a long life and left this world at seventy-seven.

The reports say that the legend was suffering from bowel cancer.

The disease was diagnosed in 2014. It also made John miss the opportunity to comment on the 2014 World Cup.

The football community is mourning the death of Motson. He was the voice of intense football matches. The whole football community is mourning the death of the legend.

John’s wife Anne and his son Frederick are having a very tough time. Many people are praying for John’s family.

The legend has left a lot of memories for his family and the football community to cherish.

John Motson Obituary

The death of the legend has made many friends and his family sad. The football community is mourning his death.

John was a very friendly and enjoyable person to be around. His loved ones are facing a very crucial phase in their lives.

His colleagues even posted their thoughts and emotions on social media. Tim Davie, BBC director general, shared that John steered all of us through the twists and turns of the FA Cup and other championships.

The BBC’s football correspondent, John Murray, also commented on this occasion that he considered Motson the 24-karat gold of broadcasting royalty.

He was one of those names that became synonymous with generations of football fans.

Many other famous personalities also expressed their emotions.

The football community is currently praying for the legend’s family, as surviving the loss of such a great man is very difficult.

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