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Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver Cause Of Death – How did she died?

Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver Cause Of Death
Qawiesha Tolliver aka Kiwi Toliver Cause Of Death

The news of Qawiesha Tolliver death, who died on 22nd Feb. 2023, is in the headlines today. Who was she? How she died? All these questions must pop up in the mind of the readers. To know the reason for her death and why her name is in headlines, read further.

Qawiesha Tolliver, who was she?

Qawiesha Tolliver was a famous TikTok star. She used to make short TikTok videos and had quite a big fan following page and number. She worked on the digital colour of TikTok.

Qawiesha Tolliver was born and brought up in Bluefield, West Virginia. Still, due to her work, she was living in north Columbia. Among her fans, she was famous for her nickname – Kiwi Tolliver. According to her family and friends, Qawiesha was very gentle, humble and soft-hearted. She used to make everyone smile and carried a strong personality.

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What happened to Qawiesha Tolliver

Her death news went viral after being posted online by her brother Robin Jvet Mobley stating it’s sad to inform that I lost my lil sis today. She rests in peace.

She took her final breath on 22nd Feb.

Qawiesha Tolliver Cause Of Death

The reason behind the death of Qawiesha Tolliver was never suspense; all her close friends and family knew that she had been dealing with cancer stage 4, which is deadly.

After fighting a long fight with cancer, Tolliver passed away on 22nd Feb. She survived cancer to stage 4 and gave up her last breath this Wednesday.

All her family members were in deep pain due to the loss they had. They all said she was so humble and gentle to everyone around her that this death was unjustified.

Tributes addressed to Qawiesha Tolliver

The news of the death of Qawiesha Tolliver put many known of her in deep pain and grief. All her fans of her are tweeting and commenting on TikTok, giving well wishes to family and showing their grief.

Laquisha Estelle, who was close to Tolliver, paid her tribute by posting about her death and showing how the news hurt her. She wrote that Qawiesha was like a family to me; listening to the news has made me sad and hurt.

The loving fans list of Qawiesha doesn’t end here. DT Transportation also showed grief by saying, really sad with the news; she was a good person. And the list goes on.