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A 17-Year-Old Man Accused of Murdering a Man who Challenged Vehicle Robbers is Tied to the Death of a 14-Year-Old

17-year-old arrested 3 months after man died

A 14-year-old alleged co-death conspirator is being linked to a 17-year-old arrested in the killing of a man who tried to stop a gang of kids from breaking into his girlfriend’s car.

Houston Police Arrested Zourian Lewis.

Houston police arrested Zourian Lewis on Thursday, more than three months after his suspected participation in the murder of 36-year-old Arne Richardson on November 17, 2022.

According to authorities, Richardson was shot and killed after getting in the middle of a bunch of car thieves in the Advenir at the Med Center apartment building on Buffalo Speedway close to the South Loop. Throughout the encounter, Richardson’s girlfriend was also shot and injured. Authorities often asked the public to help them identify a man wearing a lime green hooded jumper who they suspected had opened fire on the couple. Lewis was before a judge on Friday, who set bail at $500,000.

Court Decision:

The Harris County, Probable Cause Court judge, read the events leading up to the teen’s arrest, including a section outlining how a 14-year-old acquainted with Lewis, referred to in court as “C.L.,” provided information to authorities about the actual homicide. According to court filings, Lewis reportedly played a part in the 14-year-disappearance old’s and shooting death. A source verified to Eyewitness News that the judge was referring to Carlos Lugo. There is also evidence linking the two heinous acts.

According to the court, authorities seized casings from the location that matched cases obtained from the first incident where the first individual was slain. Once Lewis was apprehended for an unrelated offence, according to reports, a 14-year-old member of the thievery ring allegedly began working with the police. Police obtained records of his phone calls while he was imprisoned. Lewis directed his family members to grab his rifle and ammo and hide it, according to the evidence provided by the judge. He offered detailed directions on where to conceal it. Then he talked about the 14-year-old with his family, calling him “a rat” and “a snitch.”

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