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What Happened to Danson Lamothe? The Death of a Santa Cruz Musician has been Explained

Danson Lamothe die

Danson Lamothe, a famous Santa Cruz musician, has died. Let’s look at Danson Lamothe’s cause of death and how he died in Santa Cruz.

What Happened to Danson Lamothe?

Danson Lamothe, a Stellar Corpses founding member, son, friend, barber, volunteer fireman, and ex-bassist, died.

Danson Lamothe Died as a Result of:

We regret to notify you about Danson Lamothe’s death. Danson Lamothe was well-liked. In light of the current news, many people must be interested in Danson Lamothe’s cause of death. He died suddenly while serving as a fireman in Ben Lomond to give back to the community that had greatly assisted him. Dan, sometimes known as “Mothman,” “Mothy,” or “Big Moth,” was 38 years old at the time of the occurrence, which defied all reasonable explanations.

Danson Lamothe was Who?

Danson Lamothe was a Stellar Corpses founding member, ex-bassist, and volunteer firefighter. He had a massive impact on Santa Cruz’s punk and music cultures. It’s worth noting that Lamothe was a founding member of the band Stellar Corpses; therefore, he has extra abilities. Lamothe was a former bassist and co-founder of the band known as “Mothman,” Both the county and the band recognised his contribution to the band’s formation.

Danson Lamothe die1

He influenced a lot of artists. Paul “Wolfman” Grimm served as a roadie for Stellar and played stand-up bass in Fulminante and other projects. Dan has extraordinary bass abilities, whether for his short honky tonk duo, Oh Bears!, or for Stellar Corpses. He attempted to mimic the music he heard when listening to his favourite rockabilly and psychobilly tracks.

That was noticeable in person since Dan usually had a wide grin on stage when he was among his friends.

His outstanding dedication to public service set an example for others to follow. Dan meant many different things to many different individuals.

Danson Lamothe Tributes:

Dan is well-connected. Just look at the outpouring of love, sadness, and anguish on social media in Santa Cruz and around the country in the aftermath of his death.

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