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What happened Caden McGuire? An explanation of the Tiktok star’s car accident

caden mcguire
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A famous TikTok star, Caden McGuire, was injured in an accident on Wednesday in Nashville. He posted on Twitter about the accident and his health update. In this article, we’ll check all the information about Caden McGuire and his accident.

Caden McGuire: What happened to him

Kaite Smith, the former fiancee of Morgan Wallen, posted a story on Instagram about this accident. The story was posted on February 22 around midnight. Smith said a semi ran into the red light and struck their vehicle.

caden mcguire

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“Tanakful to be alive”, She wrote on Story highlight and tagged with Caden McGuire and Gabriella Payant, two pals. Smith’s buddy Caden McGuire was also in the car during the accident. Caden also confirmed this news by uploading some pictures of the wrecked automobile from the accident spot. He Wrote in the caption :

Thankful that I walked away from this wreck. The fact that I am still here blows my mind, and I can’t wrap my head around it. Thank you for all the texts, calls, comments and prayers.

In the Twitter post, she expressed his love and gratitude towards his family, friends and followers for sending wishes after the accident. One doctor said in the statement, “maybe they should not be alive, and McGurie definitely shouldn’t be happening if they don’t take to hospital on time.

Socail media response

caden mcguire

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Glad that you’re okay and will heal given time 💜 this world wasn’t finished with you yet 😊…rest up and come back fighting fit lovely! So thankful you walked away from that awful wreck; you’re a bright shining light on social media x


Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry, Caden praying you will recover and hope you didn’t get hurt too bad, .but the way the vehicle looks terrible. Your Garden Angels were around you, and God looked out for you. Praying for you

Crystal Shutt

So glad you are okay, Caden God was watching over you. Praying for a speedy recovery 

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