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Snowmobiler Stephen Rogers’ Body Is Found on Rangeley Lake Following a Crash

Snowmobiler Stephen J. Rogers’ Body Is Found on Rangeley Lake Following a Crash
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A Snowmobile driver from Milford, Connecticut, 43-year-old Stephen Rogers, went missing on 18 February 2023 after being spotted riding around Rangeley Lake.

What happened to Stephen Rogers?

His sled had been in service at Oquossic Marine for some time, so he had been riding alone. The shop owner contacted him when he returned to collect his snowmobile on Tuesday, but he did not respond. Upon proper investigation, he was reported missing and declared missing by the authorities.

Despite being missing since Saturday, he wasn’t reported missing until after Tuesday, when some people found some broken snowmobile parts on the shore of Lake Rangeley.

The police search for Stephen J. Rogers

After the report was made of him missing, Maine Police requested the public to help them find the missing Stephen Rogers. According to the statement made by the police, it was stated that Stephen Rogers was last seen in the Oquossoc area on 18 February, riding his loaner automobile. The statement also said to contact the Maine warden service at (207) 624-7076 in case any information regarding the missing person, Stephen J. Rogers is found.

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Body of Stephen J. Rogers recovered

Then on a Wednesday, after thorough research, the Maine Game Wardens, with the help of other people and agencies, located the body of Stephen J. Rogers and the crashed automobile he was riding. He was found along with his sled alongside a cluster of trees.

According to the reports, Rogers had taken out his snowmobile on Saturday night at around 10:40 PM. On Tuesday, a man having a property in Rangeley notified the authorities that he had found some crashed automobile parts along the shore.

Rogers body was found in Russell Cove, 142 feet from the shore of Rangeley, during the helicopter search along with the borrowed snowmobile wreckage.

Reports suggest that he might have been under the influence of alcohol, which led to his crash along the shoreline. Not only this, but witnesses also reported that he had been driving at a very high speed.

The police have yet to reveal little, and the accident is still under investigation.

The accident has highlighted the dangers of drinking and driving and the importance of staying sober behind the wheel. In the wake of this tragedy, police are urging all drivers to ensure they are sober before getting behind the wheel, no matter how short the journey may be.